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Have you ever felt so hungry.....

That you make a complete pig of yourself! Had a banana mid morning (not good at eating first thing) finished work at 2 then had to scoot straight to the dr's. Came home had a pasta n sauce at 3pm for my lunch, still felt hungry so had a mug shot straight after! I know I should have waited till the pasta settled but I felt ravenous lol. Don't normally feel this hungry maybe it's because the last couple of days (I've had time to nip home from work about 10ish) I've been having my magic porrige, and it was a busy day. Am going to put one in the fridge for tomo as I have study time so finish at 10:30am phew!

Was going to then have a muller with banana but waited 10mins and felt sluggishly full. I'm not worried about it I don't usually snack on the pasta and mug shots I always have them as a meal i:e lunch. SO not going to do that again lol feel fit to burst! :eek:

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Wendy, if you class eating 2 mugshots as being a pig, I would hate to see what you thought of my food intake on a NORMAL day- never mind when I am hungry!

Free foods are just that- they are there to be enjoyed without guilt- the sooner you accept this the less you will want to eat unnecessarily. It is difficult because we have been programmed to see food and eating as 'bad' and starvation as 'good', but SW turns all that on it's head.............but it works!

Thanks Cocktail princess, feel better now you've said that! Believe me I can eat ALOT, but not so much of the stodgy stuff like mugshots, but put a roast and veggies and mashed pots in front of me and I'm off like a hare lol.

I know, you're right about the free foods I did SW years ago and got to target and I really had my fill of free foods! Did mostly green days but tinned mac cheese that was free then was my fav with sweetcorn stirred in and my losses were between 1/2-1lb per week it took me ages! Also was soooo obsessed I NEVER went over 70 syns/week or had flexi days, and wonder if I was too strict. Looking back tho I think that mac cheese had alot to answer for, so still a bit wary but I def feel thinner already :)

I usually get like that when I don't eat regular meals. I get to a point where i am so hungry, i end up eating anything naughty I can get my hands on lol
Lol Haley I know what you mean! If I hadn't been on a diet it wouldnt have been pasta and mugshots lol. Keeping plenty of that handy tho for days like this. Gotta love this diet now if they only made diet vodka.........;-)

Mmmm vodka! I'm off out this Friday so will be having some of that. Noticed some vodka and coke in cans in ASDA today... shame they didn't do it with diet coke. Can just picture me swigging that around town as I do my shopping lol
They do vodka and coke in a tin!!????? OMG lol what next. LMAO have this image of you staggering around the supermarket looking like you're drinking coke!

Mugshots are like a cross between a cuppa soup and a pot noodle. They're like a thick soup with pasta or noodles, they come in sachets and you stick em in a mug and add boiling water then in 5 mins its ready.


What's magic porridge?

Hey Bobbedazzler is that you Jo? ::Waves:: isn't it strange how you meet people in an internet slimming forum? I've even heard of people afterwards meeting up in real life in strange hotels and poledancing to the wee hrs....maybe even going on holiday together! :-O BTW if this isn't who I think it is you'll have NO Idea what I'm talking about lol

Oh yeah Magic porrige, found it on here it's ace! Sachet of porrige as HE or normal oats, a muller light mixed through well (I like vanilla) and leave overnight in the fridge. The oats swell up and it's yummy, I added 1/4 tsp sweetner to it the next morning. You can heat it up in micro but not too long or it might curdle I tried it cold and hot and liked it both ways. Very filling you can add chopped fruit aswell.

Ooooh hiya Wendy ..... didn't realise it was you when I first replied on this thread! lol

Yes, I've heard such bizarre tales myself ......how strange!! lol

Oooooh I'm quite liking the magic porridge idea ..... so you don't add anything else like milk or water, just yog!?!

Hee hee sooo glad it's you Jo or I would have looked a right tit! Yeah ok nothing from the peanut gallery lol. Nothing else just the yog honestly try it (with your weird breakfast concoctions that shouldnt be a stretch!) You could even try weetabix with hot water! Oh wait on second thoughts no that was in my REALLY obsessive days hee hee. Anyway we wouldn't want 'miss whiplash' telling us off now would we? ;-)
Yes ain't it strange? meeting online then face to face? I dunno what the worlds coming to 'sigh'.



is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
that is not alot to eat hon . When i get my munch on i am appalling . Usually around star week too i could eat till i burst its uncontrolable thats when super noodles come into there own lol i find its ok as long as i have low syms and just pile up the free
You know Princess you're absolutely right! I made sweetcorn chowder for tea and still can't face it, tho my hubby and kids got stuck right in. They loved it asked they leave me a little for later and ummm looked at the pan earlier and they have left me a 'little'! lol. Anyway am quite happy feeling full so will ward them off till I'm hungry. ;-)

I love it too! Can't remember who the original poster was but thanks! I made sweetcorn chowder for tea but was still full after said pasta and mugshots, so the family tucked in. Left me about 2 tbls lol. So now I'm hungry and making........another mugshot! Ha ha how ironic, just glad they are enjoying the SW recipes tho :)


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