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Have you heard the news!!

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News out today about a study, that it is a bug that makes you fat!!!
Just wondered what people thought about it.
Personally it was all the food i ate and the lack of excersise and four kids iv'e had that made me fat lol!!

haha excellent that explains it! I have had a bug for the past ?????? years:rotflmao:

Nope think wrong things, 2 kids and eating after excerise (chocolate haha):p
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I not heard of that bug yet?
i think i am the same as you mandy 4 children and over eating put my weight on over a number of years. i didnt think that a chip or cake the kids left over would cause that much problem eating it oh how wrong was i lol
maria x x

Serena A

Can't think of a title
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Haven't seen the study but isn't it funny how no-one in deprived countries ever seems to have the fat bug/fat gene/whatever, even if they didn't have access to enough food to become obese surely they'd be noticeably bigger than their peers? ;-)


Peggy McParrot
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Oh i've had a bug all this time, must come and go then, same as yo yo dieting.... lol I always thought I should just have been taller personally like over 6' 8
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I'm not sure I believe this story but I read that it's going to be on tomorrow's Horizon, in which an American scientist also expounds the theory that some people are naturally designed to be overweight and even if they diet, they will eventually return to that size. I've been fat all my life and I worry about putting it all back on when I stop dieting ... :'(
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LOL:airquote: what a load of pants:airquote: these scientists come up with. I've had the bug since I hit my teenage years! I just hope they find a cure for it then I can eat as much food as I like and just pray I dont get the bug again lol :confused:


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As long as the horrible cold bug I have at the moment doesn't make me put weight back on!

BTW is Covonia likely to kick me out of ketosis? I think I have SARS or something like it!!
covonia is full of sugar!!!!! so is most cough and cold remedies, so it might stop you being in ketosis. But you have to figure out what is more important... looking after yourself while Ill or sticking to diet.... hard decision hun, i would try go without if poss and stick to paracetamol, but it depends how poorly you feel x hope you get better soon x


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What a load of boll*cks!

They are just publicising it heavily today so people watch it on telly tomorrow!!

GMTV Dr completely dissmissed it and said the same thing!:rolleyes:


Gone fishing
Should be a programme on tonight about it. Horizon, BBC2 at 9:00

I know that some people have lower leptin/T3 etc levels which can make them want to eat more. Not sure about a virus, though this was discussed years ago elsewhere.

Maybe some people of predisposed to put on weight, but even so, despite the cause, if we eat too much for our body we'll put on weight. Don't think that's ever been disproved, but will watch Horizon with interest.


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I agree 100% that we can be predisposed to becoming obese, if we carry the so called 'fat gene' however, I do also believe that the majority people who are obese in todays society (with or without this gene) are this way because they live sedentary life-styles, and consume too much high calorie, energy dense food - its not something which we have 'caught'....The thought of a 'virus' which makes you obese is ridiculous, IMO. :rolleyes:

Cat Bee x
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Suppose they'll bringing out some new "Kill That Bug" Diet Pill next, lol

What a load of rubbish. People tend to be overweight simply because they're calories intake exceeds their energy output. The reasons why they eat more calories obviously varies from person to person. Personally for me it is all down to emotional eating & lack of self control.

I agree that there is possibly a fat gene that makes people more prone to carrying fat than others but even so I believe this can be controlled by montioring ones energy balance.

I have set my TV to change channel to watch Horizon tonight. This should be interesting... & I will watch it with an open mind


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Thank you bigtummymummy. This cough is the pits it's really horrible. I'll only take it twice a day and hopefully will be better soon. I sound like Foghorn Leghorn at the moment and keep coughing all the time.


Gone fishing
I thought it was an interesting programme and was happy they didn't spend too long talking about the virus :D

Much of the rest I knew about with research I've done in the last couple of years. Though the programme simplified things, it was good to watch.

A little scary though when they talked about the fact that it's almost impossible for someone who has lost a lot of weight to keep it off. At least it was better than what I had found out...that it was impossible because of the leptin levels.

I'll go for almost impossible as I want to prove them wrong :p

So, so stubborn :D
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OMG the ending was so depressing, so we're stuck with empty fat cells for life that will make us more prone to easy weight gain. Lets prove them wrong, I'm determined, or have liposuction when we get to goal then loads of those extra mini fat cells can be sucked out. Not really an option I know. I feel much more research needs doing.


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S: 14st1lb C: 13st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 28.5 Loss: 1st1lb(7.61%)
Yeah, the programme was really enjoyable I thought, if a tad depressing!

But, you only have to read these forum threads to see it IS possible to lose the weight and maintain the losses! :D

I was a tad jealous of the girls who were eating all that stuff and hardly put on any weight! :rolleyes: Its just not fair!!

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