have you seen these?

Mrs V

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At 10p, I dont think its going to break the bank to give them a try. I dont think there would be any difference in them at all Hun.


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Do you mean the value ones? I haven't tried them but then with stock I personally think you get what you pay for. I would be worried that they would have a much higher salt content to improve the flavour but don't have anything to back that up. Let us know how you get on it you try them
Read the label and then compare with other brands. Some things that are cheap are good value, others aren't worth buying.

I read the label on some cheap lemon curd the other day and found there was no lemon juice at all in it, or any indication that it had ever been near a lemon!


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Cant believe that no lemon !!! well I bought the dearer ones but maybe will buy the cheaper ones and study them at my lesiure at home. too vain to put the reading glasses on in Tesco !!!