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Have you told people you are doing this?


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I have not told many people that i am doing this - so far only family and close friends...only 9 days in so far.
I told one of my best mates that for the next 100 days+ i would be on packs and have no food or alcohol.

Her reaction - "what no alcohol for 100 days - I could never do that!!":eek:

Hehe made me giggle cos i was there thinking, mate i'm going a 100 days without food never mind the booze!! :D

Have you had any funny reactions and do you find that the people you tell are supportive or what?
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Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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IOnly now amd I starting to be more open with it.

I started out like you, very private, only a very few people knew. I did not want to face a lot of people if I failed.

Now that I know I am succeeding, and will succeed, I am telling more and more. ALmost have to by now anyway as so many people are noticing the changes! :)

All of my reactions, all of them, have been positive and supportive. :)


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Only told my mum at first and OH of course but none of my friends. I have been pretty reclusive as far as socialising is concerned (because of weight gain) so people understood that I don't go out hence making it easier for me to keep it under my hat. Now the world and his dad knows because I am proud to have been on LL its saved my life no kidding.


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I am planning on keeping quiet about it for a while - i am a social butterfly but i purposely started LL last week as i am keeping this month free - not planning on going out at the weekends (apart from visiting my family) so by the time June arrives i will be a lot lighter :D:D:D and confident and in control of my temptations.:D


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I told everyone, as it was something I wanted support for and also so that I had the added incentive of never being able to cheat as someone would say "should you be having that?" Etc - it just spurs me on! Each to their own though!
I've got to say I'm same as Lisav - I've pretty much told everyone - I'm actually quite proud of the fact that I've gone without food & alchohol for 11 odd weeks. I occasionally get the odd inquisition about it but once I tell them how much I've lost and that my doctor recommended it, they tend to shut up!! Having said that, I'd say 95% of the time I've had a very positive response to it...


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only my nearest and dearest.. my family know.. Michael and my best friends sarah and beth know.. tbh.. ive had nothing but support from them.. i also told a friend who had said i looked like i had lost weight.. Whoop.. Never had any "ooh thats dangerous".. type of stuff..

x x x


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As a I wanted lots of support, I've done a sponsorred slim for the last (almost) 6 months so I've told everyone and his cousin... I knew I wasn't gonna fail this time cos my life depended on ... quite literally :)
I thought I was going to keep it very quiet - then decided life would simply be easier if everyone knew - no excuses for not eating with people etc. First I told all my family - they were delighted and supportive! Now I even tell my clients! (and many have shown a genuine interest.) In fact I've told so many people now, I can't possible allow myself to fail :)
im doing cd and have told not a sinner only my bf and you guys :) I know i would be made fun of and talked about behind my back so would rather go it alone

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