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Have you told your class about Minimins?

Cherry Plum

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I feel really guilty, because I am getting a lot of support from everyone on here and after having a particularly bad week I didn't resort to food, my class wanted to know what I was doing to help myself stay in abstinence. I did'nt want to tell them about minimins.
I want this to be 'my' support forum, not theirs! is that selfish?
I wouldn't feel that I could post knowing that someone from my class was reading what I was posting.
Does anyone else feel the same?

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Well I tell everyone I meet about minimins as I really love the support and feel everyone going through a diet deserves the same.
I am known as the minimins billboard.
I keep telling my group about it, one has joined so far and a couple are lurking!
I don't mind them being on here, its like being in on a secret, but maybe I don't mind because none of them have recognised me yet!
I deliberated this for the same reaons as you are feeling but I wanted people to feel the same support that I was getting as really could not have got through this without people here! One of my group recognised me and we now email support when its needed so thats been a bonus. Yes I can understand the need to be anon & have "your" support but dont you want them to get through this too?


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I dont go to a class but i wouldnt want to tell others either. This is like my own private place to share my thoughts and feelings, wouldnt want to face others week in week out after some of the things i say.
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First thing I did was tell all my group about Minimins , as although they were strangers at the time , I knew that over the next 12 weeks we would become very close, and I would have felt guilty if I didnt share anything that would help them succeed, as I really want them all along on my journey.
Everybody deserves to be free froom the pain and humiliation of obesity and we need all the help we can get.
I'm glad I did , I know that a couple of people from my group have registered since I told them about Minimins, and I found one quite quickly without realising, as I answered one of her threads without realising who she was! I dont think it will be a problem because what takes place in the group stays in the group , I know there will be no breaches of confidentiality they are all very intelligent and supportive women that know I can trust. Without this belief the CBT & TA just wouldnt work.
Be generous, you can still stay anomymous if you really want to, just remove were you live and dont disclose your alias.;)
C x


has started again!!
I told one lady, but not sure if she has joined?? I dont really think the others would be interested, although they may may be me putting my own thoughts in their heads!


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I tell everyone!!!!!! Not all of them come on....but there are a few :D

I'd never divulge anything I wouldn't want others to know on a open forum so it doesn't bother me!!:D


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