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Having a bad day :(

Hi everyone :wave_cry:

Ive been on and off slimming world for a few years and i have recently had a baby who is now 10 months old so i rejoined 3 weeks ago :)
I had two good losses of 4.5lb + 2.5lb.
I went to get weighed this morning hoping for a good loss as i have had a really good week and also run 6 miles last week and i have stayed the same :cry:
How is that possible??
Ive been binge eating all day, please help :confused:
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I ♥ Slimming World :)
Hiya vowles :)

welcome back to SW, and congrats on your superb losses the first two weeks back on it.

Firstly, it is important to bear in mind that while you are exercising there are positive important changes taking place in your body other than weight loss. Your muscles will improve, your general health too, and you will find your clothes fit better / get too loose!! All this can very easily happen while you stay the same or even put on a little, and it is nothing to worry about :) If you follow the plan, and especially if you add a little exercise into the mix you WILL lose weight. Try to be patient, I am willing to bet your weight didn't go on overnight so understand that it is gonna take a wee while for it to come back off again - but try not to measure your results PURELY by weight loss, as it can be quite demoralising at times!

Secondly, this means you have lost 7lbs over 3 weeks, which is still an average of over 2lbs per week, and you should be proud of your efforts and very happy with your results! There are some people on here who would KILL for such good results haha.

Anytime you are feeling low, just come onto Minimins for a chat, someone is always here and I promise you will feel better afterward :)
It is quite normal to stay the same in your third week, I'm surprised your consultant didn't tell you this! Stick with it, you will get a loss next week - try not to binge eat hun, eat the good things you are allowed on SW.
We can't expect to lose every week, your body is probably thinking "hang on,what's going on here!" and holding on to it's weight a bit but it will come off.
Good luck for next week.
Hun...unfortunately we dont loose weight every week....I wished that we did.
Firstly well done on your losses so far...you are doing brilliantly!
Put today behind you, get back on track and you will be fine.

Take care.

Thank you so much for your kind words it really means alot and has helped motivate me!!
i am really regretting my binge eating session from this morning but i am going to put it behind me now and try to stay positive :) thanks for taking the time to reply xxxxx


I will succeed!!!
Our bodies sometimes work in mysterious ways and a STS can sometimes be a welcome relief or a bad shock at WI.

Don't lose heart - if you've upped the exercise or made some other changes it might take a week or so to readjust, but you'll get the rewards.

And you've lost loads already in 2 weeks! So don't worry hun - it'll balance out xxxx
This happened to me on my third week and I too was gutted
But I reckon you'll lose it next week
No shame in STS! good luck!

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