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Having a bad day


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So I am on day 6 of my restart on LT. I had a really crap day and am just so pee'ed off. I want to bury my head in the fridge. I have an overwhelming desire to eat. Hence the reason I am posting, to distract myself from eating.

The food demons are whispering to me and I am trying to ignore them. I keep telling myself that I am grand at a size 14 and that I will be able to lose weight by eating sensibily but I know in my heart my body is just trying to get me to eat and that if I stick it out I will be so glad I did.

Sorry for the rant but I just feel like crying. :cry:

Niamh xxx
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Aww Niamh , you are doing the right thing logging on here to distract yourself, I've just been re-reading some of the success stories and media coverages. Im sending you a big HUG xx


Here we go again!
Oh Niamh stay strong and keep logging on here for support, it's the best place to come. Your first weigh in must be just around the corner and you know that will keep you going!

Stick with it and stay strong, you can do this!!

irish molly

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Poor Niamh, I hope the crisis has passed. For that is all it is. Keep busy and drinking loads of water. Take yourself off to bed early with a book. Keep in mind that you will be sooooo much happier when you reach your goal.


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Hi Niamh, i hope ur feeling little better, im on day 8 and i felt the exact same on day 5 and 6 i came so close!!! just stick with it as yesterday i woke up and felt just like me b4 i began this journey last week! my energy levels were back to normal, my moods were not as bad (although dont ask my bf cus he may not agree!!!) im glad i didnt give it !!!! Good luck an i hope u keep up all ur efforts of the past week !!!! ps u'll feel amazing at ur weigh in too xx
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Argh Niamh... I know exactly how you feel!! For the first time since starting LT 23 days ago tonight was the hardest. I cooked sweet & sour chicken for my daughter and whilst I was cooking the chicken all I could imagine was popping a piece in my mouth... and then I tried to justify myself by thinking that dry fried chicken is pretty much the best thing I can cheat with if I was going to!!!

I threw the sweet & sour sauce on top pretty damn quickly and then served it up and skidaddled out of the house for a trip to the sunbed. Before leaving I told my daughter how close I had been to cracking and by the time I got back the dishes were done and put away and she was sat watching tv.

I'm now curled up in bed logging on to Minimins for some wise advice and inspiration!! It's the best place to be when you're having a bad day.


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Niamh u did they right thing!! We'v all come close and its so tough especially in the first week. But think of it this way.. You dont have much to loose so if you just stick at it completely you'll b off it in no time at all!!!! And think how amazing you'll feel then. You'll be so proud when u weigh in and know that youv beaten the monsters that want u to cheat!!! Best of luch niamh!!! DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!! Xx
Hi girlies,

Thanks for all the words of wisdom and encouragement! You'll all be glad to hear I didnt crack and ended up taking myself off for a nice long walk. I was still hungry when I got back but less emotional. I get weighed tomorrow so I am looking forward to having a good first weigh in to spur me on next week.

Thanks again to all of you. I really would not have been able to stick to this diet if not for this forum. Its amazing the support on here as everyone knows what you are going through.

Niamh xxx


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So pleased you got through it Niamh - there can be some really hard times on this diet. You deserve such a big loss tomorrow. :)

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