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Having a bad day!

I've had a bad week this week. well, I was okay up until Thursday and my boss took some of us out for lunch, Thai - I haven't told anyone at work I am back on LL so couldn't think of an excuse to get out of it, didn't over eat but we did have 3 bottles of wine between 4 of us and when I got home in the evening, before anyone else got in I ate white bread and butter with cheese and some chocolate! then had and argument yesterday with my hubby and felt really down and turned to sausage rolls for comfort - they didn't help at all. I did go to the gym last night (body action plate and toning table) and have been for a nice long walk today. I was being good today and had stuck to packs but being home alone, I've just made myself a big bowl of pasta and meatballs with crusty bread. Now I feel not only disappointed with myself but bloated and really quite ill. I know I've overdone it and now that I have done it will hopefully be over the worst and wont feel the need to eat again. I'll be amazed if I haven't put on this week never mind lost anything! trying not to beat myself up about it too much, but do feel so disappointed more than anything. I know being at home alone is my danger time, please keep your fingers crossed for me that I can get back on track x :tear_drop:
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I lapsed last night as well. We went to an open air concert where everyone took a picnic. I took my peanut bar but when our friends arrived with a sumptuous picnic, I ended up picking at some garlic chicken. Why? None of them know I'm doing LL. I guess I justified it to myself by saying that it'd look odd if I didn't eat (or just had a bar).

I'm fine at home, I'm fine at going round to my parents or other friends when they're cooking, but I really really struggle with these kind of social things, especially with people who don't know I'm doing LL. I've got a lunch on Monday with another friend who doesn't know, and I'm flapping already ..... :(
SWF, not glad that you did it, but am glad I'm not alone, everyone always seems so positive on here which is one of the reasons I was feeling so disappointed with myself. I do feel for you! Is this your first time doing LL? it is my second, haven't got as much to lose this time, not sure if I'm using that as an excuse, first time around I didn't even lick a spoon while cooking!!
Is anyone else on their 2nd go at LL, if so, have you joined again or just collect packs (as I do) still get charged £66 a week which I think is a bit naf considering you don't get the counselling session = I think I need it more this time around, Don't beat yourself up SFA, sure you will cope on Monday has your friend seen you since you lost all that weight? maybe her jaw drop reaction will keep you strong - good luck with it x
It's my first time .... and will be the first time my friend's seen me. But will she notice? The friends I saw last night didn't say anything :( Everyone in my group has now lapsed, with most still losing large chunks of weight, and it's probably not a good thing!
I'm sure they did notice, 32lbs is a considerable amount to lose and am sure you look fab . Sometimes people notice but don't like to say anything unless you mention it first (I know men especially are scared of upsetting women if they say you've lost weight women interpret it as "so you think I was fat then")! Shame people in your group are sloping off, I really miss that part of it, we all got very close, my tuesday evenings spurred me on for the rest of the week. Depending on how close you are to you friend you are meeting on Monday, it might be worth being up front about LL with her, when i did eventually tell my friends, they were all very supportive. Whatever you decide, good luck with it and let me know how you get on. x
considering you don't get the counselling session = I think I need it more this time around,
then can you not arrange to start from foundation again with a new group? 2 of the ladies in our group are 2nd timers. 1 having had a regain and one having had a stop gap after losing a massive amount and coming back to do the last bit.
perhaps a new group with fresh enthusiasm and support is what you need.
if your paying the full price the only other commitment you have to make is 2 hrs a week. If you have done that before you can do it again and surely your worth 2 hours? I think you are ;)
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Hi there

SOrry you have been struggling. I agree with Jan - you should look in to joinging a group with counseling, particularly as you feel you need it this time. I can't see why they would not allow that? Have a chat with your LLC and see! Might make all the difference for you.

For me, I would find just picking up packs only very challenging, and I would feel like I wasn;t really doing the plan - so then I could easily make excuses to pick a bit?

In any event - all the best to you - keep your nose down and focus, and make the right choices and you will get there in no time!!

Hello all and thanks for your support. I am feeling much more positive after reading your advice. I know the councelling session would help me greatly, that is definately what got me through the first time with absolutely no lapses! I didn't realise that you could join the whole thing again just to lose one or two stone, (until I just read nadhacs post) my councellor has never mentioned that at all, even though she knows I have been struggling. She just sells me the packs. I am collecting packs from her tomorrow and will ask then, will let you know what she says.


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Hi Sweet Mod
This is my 2nd time doing LL too (and last!) I cheated often the 1st time round and lost just under 3 stone in foundation, only to put back on 1st 2lbs therefor rejoined again, and much to my surprise, i have stuck to the plan 100% for 8 weeks! Its so much easier when you dont cheat! The longer you dont have conventional food the less you crave it...imo!
Good luck i really hope you manage to get to some sessions x
Hi Jelliebabie,
Thanks for this, you are doing it 2nd time around too, have you re-joined a refresher group or do you just collect the packs like me? I do believe in what the other girls said that the councelling is the key, I know it helped last time but I didn't know that was available, I have emailed my counsellor this afternoon to ask her if she does anything like that and will let you know what she says. I've only got one more stone to lose until I am back at goal and know if I get my head in gear I can do it in 3/4 weeks but for now it seems so far away. Will send am update after I have heard from my counsellor.
Thank you all so much for your help and advise, it truly is invaluable. x
Hello All,
just to let you know my counsellor emailed me this morning to say she has a developers class with 3 people in it on a sunday morning which can accept re-freshers, and I am welcome to join so I intend to go along on Sunday. Why on earth she didn't mention it to me is beyond me, especially when she knew I was struggling. Anyway, today is a new day, I've drawn a line under my bad habits of the last few days and feel so much stronger for it, 3.5 weeks til spain and I could lose my last stone by then, that's my goal.

On another note, I'm having my hair cut/coloured this evening - did anyone watch Gok's fashion fix last week with Lulu? That's how I intend to have it! x If I knew how to add photo's I would put some before/after/present on so you could see me xx;)

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