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Having a bad week :-(

After reaching target last week and then managing to maintain on my first weigh in I was on cloud 9 on monday.

I work for jobcentre plus processing benefits. Then on Tuesday morning we had an announcement in work that we are being made into a contact centre. We will just be answering the phone all day long :(:((apologies to those who like working in a contact centre)but it is not for me and all of my colleagues feel that same. Management just keep saying well at least you have still got jobs, which is true with all the cuts that the goverment are making but it is nothing like the job that we applied for.

Anyway by lunchtime I had eaten all my fruit,yoghurt and lunch that was supposed to last me till I went home and then mid afternoon I had to go and get something from the vending machine. Fortunately they have quavers in there. I am definetley an emotional eater, and have been more hungry than normal this week.

I dont work fridays so am going to go for a long walk later to try to counteract the extra eating I have been doing and hope the scales are kind to me on monday.
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I completely understand why you're upset at the situation. I wouldn't be happy doing a job I didn't apply for either.


Try to remember that SW is a plan for life and that sometimes life will dish out some bad news and we'll cope with it by having a little splurge, it happens to the best of us. The walk will work wonders and it sounds like you're ready to get back on track anyway! Congrats on getting to target


I will be a yummy mummy!
Don't worry about your little splurge, I'm sure you can bring it back in no time.

You've got back on track really quickly so you should be proud of yourself for that.
When I found out at the beginning of August that my office is closing next year and we were all being made redundant, I had a month long stress-fuelled binge!! (to be fair this did include a week-long holiday and a camping weekend)
But like you I'm determined to get back on track and will be starting completely afresh tomorrow as if it's my first week all over again.

Good luck honey, I'm sure you won't even notice it on the scales xx
Take some Mug Shots to work and keep in your bag, locker or desk draw. Most of them are free or low syn, and are warm and filling. All you need is a mug, spoon and a kettle to make them up.
Just take more SW friendly food into work with you then you're not tempted by the vending machine.;)

I always take in enough to last me during the day, have done the same since i started SW in january. I take fruit for mid morning, my lunch(on tues it was savoury rice,onion,chicken, carrots and beetroot) , fruit for mid afternoon and an apple (or similar) just in case I'm hungry. I prefer fruit such as pineapple, strawberries, melon so can't really take extra of those. Its just that on Tuesday all I wanted to do was eat it wasn't enough.

So far today I am back on track. Hope everyone else is having a good day.
What I was trying to say was whilst things aren't too good at the mo, take in extra food. Not just enough to eat for the day, but more just in case. Pack yourself some of your comfort foods, in times of need & if you like chocolate put an alpen light in your bag.

I also think when you've just got to target it's really hard, your mind is full of all sorts of different emotions.

Glad you're much better today;)
Thanks hun, I do understand what you were saying about taking extra I will do that next week, Ill make sure I have some alpen lights, mug shots etc in my drawer at work.

Forget the slip. Tomorrow is another day. You have done so well that you will not let that go. You will be fine cos you know you can be.

Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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