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Having a Bath


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Well you learn something new every day!! No, I've never heard this or tried it and I don't think it would work!!
The only way it would is due to sweating and you'd put it back when you had a drink.

Star week sucks but you'll lose it next week, the award will still be there - star week won't.


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LOL...never heard of this!!! Don't fret about this weeks WI. It always seems to happen to me that when I have my star week the next week I have a big loss, so here's to your big loss next week :)


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lol i've never heard of this either! My mum always told me not to have a bath or shower until after WI as your body will absorb the moisture - not sure if this is true either lol. Maybe having a scrub and getting rid of dry skin will shed a 1lb lol.

Ive given blood before WI before and STS, I got my hair cut before WI this week, is that cheating HAHA xx


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I have tried all the drastic measures going

If you exfoliate, do a wee and a poo and cut your toe nails, you may be ok ;-)
I have tried all the drastic measures going

If you exfoliate, do a wee and a poo and cut your toe nails, you may be ok ;-)
dont forget if you wear bobbles or hair clips take them out also ;-)

Have never heard of getting a bath before I dont think it would work much. Best to just get weighed and if its is * week extra weight you will have a sooper dooper loss next week when you lose that plus that weeks loss


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I have heard you weigh more if you have had a bath or been swimming as your skin absorbs water (don't know how true that is). Once me and a friend of mine went swimming and we weighed ourselves on the scales at the baths before having our swim and then weighed after swimming and guess what we both weighed 2lbs heavier! :eek:
But it wasn't *week so don't know it might work differently! :)


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was my * week this week and i lost 0.5lb and thats only being 90% on plan im sure you'll be fine. I wouldn't start any weigh in 'routines' as weigh in day will become a chore and full of routines lol.
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I'm not sure how you can absorb water while swimming or in a bath. Surely our skin is waterproof?:confused: I take the boys swimming every Tuesday before WI and don't think it makes a difference on the odd weeks where I haven't. I'm sure I read somewhere that after exercise our muscles retain water to repair themselves so perhaps for a while we're a little heavier.

Someone mentioned bathing with essential oils to release any water you might be retaining. I don't know if it works. I'm pretty sure I saw it on here somewhere or maybe I'm going mad. :giggle:


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The outermost layers of skin (the epidermis) absorb water once the layer of sebum produced by the cells has been removed. This is why you get the wrinkly fingers, because the epidermis is anchored to the dermis below and therefore expands more in the areas that are not tied down to the dermis, causing wrinkles. The layers underneath the epidermis, the dermis and subcutaneous layer, do not absorb water, so it cannot get into blood vessels by being absorbed through the skin :) Once you get out of the swimming pool/shower/bath etc the water you absorb starts to evaporate, and the skin produces more sebum, so your skin goes back to normal pretty quickly :) xxx

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