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Having a fat day...again!

Time for another of my little moans...sorry!

You know when you just have fat days? Doesn't matter that I've been on plan and in syns all weekend (I know!!! Bloody miracle or what?!). Isn't relevant that I've done over 3 miles walking today and that I've eaten plenty of free food.

I just feel fat, frumpy and grumpy! I feel like there's no chance of me losing at WI this week and I'll be back where I started before long.

I am off to post some replies to other people, read other successes, get some inspiration, try to be helpful to others...hopefully that will re-motivate me.

Sorry, moan over for now :eek:
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Hormones? I get like that the week before my star week..... this is my such week..... feeling like the side of a house and want to eat everything in my fridge... pah.


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I know what you mean, I have days like that to, then I have days where I feel great about myself :D mad how we go through this rush of emotions :)
And I'm still grumpy this morning too!

Maria you're right - sometimes there are days I feel fab and foxy! Not at the moment though

Wish it could be explained by hormones, but a)I'm on the pill, and b)in the middle of a packet! So I can't use that one.

thanks you lot :)


soon to be skinny minnie
Hi Hellie, i was having one of those days too yesterday, i just felt massive and bloated all day , my binge didn't help either lol.

Don't worry it is prob just fluid retention or something xx
Or it could be something to do with the fact I ate more syns than I realised at the weekend!

Hope you're feeling better today Betty x
I hope that you are feeeling better today. Why not try to fit in a brisk walk if you feel like that, its a great mood lifter and helps to burn those calories x

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