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Having a Night Out

Can this be done on SS? Am coming to the end of the first week of SS and whilst I am not hungry I am struggling a little bit with the sort of social side of the diet and also the fact that my little boy keeps asking me what I am having to eat etc.

I certainly don't want to put any of my food issues on him etc and won't.

So what I want to know is, is there a way of having a night out or a lunch etc on SS without scuppering things totally?

For example, was supposed to be going out next saturday night for a meal and wondered if this would still be possible, what's the advice from you wonderful girls in the know.

On the plus side, think I have lost approx 7lbs since starting on Wednesday :) :) :)

Also - Think the CDC said something about coke can be had but not sure at what point as I would love something other than water!
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Hiya, I dont think a meal out if ur going to eat, would be recommended, but my CDC implied that if I did end up out at all I could have a small meal, only the equivilant of an AAM week meal, and still take my 3 packs beforehand so I wouldnt be tempted to eat more.

To be honest though, I really dont want to chance going out myself for a few more weeks, but the best of luck if you do...I'm sure someone will come along with better advice than that!!

My little girl is confused about my eating patterns as well now, but I have jut told her I need to eat special food for a while....seems to be doing the trick!


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i personally think it might ruin your resolve, is it essential you go out,? one missed night is nothing when you think about it, i think we have to make some sacrifices for a little while and just think in a while you will be able to go out slim and confident, thats my honest opinion anyway, but good luck in what you decide,
Thankx Kazz, I doubt I will go for the meal to be honest, but just wanted to know if it was like other diets where you could kinda claw one bad day back!

It's soo hard for the little ones isn't it, really don't want him to get any negative thoughts about food.

When is your weigh in?
Thanks Gillian. Well done, you and Kazz have already talked me out of eating. Will continue as I am. Do you know an answer to the coke question though?


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I had a night out last night, drank water most of the night but once I couldn't drink any more water I had diet coke, still in ketosis today with no cravings or anything. I only had 2 glasses of coke though and don't do it very often. Very cheap night out though it's great lol. You notice the drunken men being lecherous more when you're sober and everyone else isn't though


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Thankx Kazz, I doubt I will go for the meal to be honest, but just wanted to know if it was like other diets where you could kinda claw one bad day back!

It's soo hard for the little ones isn't it, really don't want him to get any negative thoughts about food.

When is your weigh in?

Hun, this is like absolutely no other diet I have ever done!!

I will weigh myself tomoro (my cdc is on hols) which will be my day 8.. to be honest I am mega confuzzled as it seems I have only lost 2 lbs, but am taking comfort from the fact I followed all the rules didnt cheat and drank more water than I needed to & that TOTM reared its ugly head on monday and didnt leave me alone til yesterday. Also a pair of jeans fit me on friday that didnt last time I tried them on !

I dont want my daughter to have negative thoughts about food either, but by staying how I was thats all she was going to get...shes 6 so by the time I finish this, she wil prob have forgotten it...only problem is she keeps trying to put bits of stuff in my mouth and is put ou that she has to taste her hot choc herself at night to see if it needs more milk!!


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Hi Cupcake

When I did LL starting in November last year, I went to all our Christmas nights out, and just had black coffee and water. To be honest the worst bit is telling the waiting staff you aren't eating. After that, its easy - you still get to enjoy the conversation etc without having to eat.

Lynne x


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I stick with coffee/tea/water/sparkling water...

I have found people when I am out very understanding and helpful.

I do try and work my AAm week around going out if at all possible.

Well done on losing 7lbs....if you keep at at you could have a stone off very soon.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks all, you have been brilliant and spurred me back on when my motivation was waining a little.

Have measured myself just now and feel very positive about it all again now. It's just such a starneg diet to get used to!
With regards to children, I was given some great advice when I started and I have stuck to it, 11 weeks on my 4 yr old dd never questions what I eat/dont eat!

I told her, on the fab advice from chicken on a mission, that I had a poorly tummy and the packs I made was medicine from the doctor to make me happy and healthy again, and whilst it meant I didnt eat as much with her I still stick to meal times as much as I can and have soup etc at the same time.

This was great advice from chicken, as always and one I will always be grateful for as my dd is not at all bothered about it apart from when I mix a mousse and I have to make an angel delight at the same time otherwise she will trough the lot!!!

I now adore running around and playing with her and Im not ashamed anymore x

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