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Having a really bad day:(


wants to get super fit!
Hello everyone! As the title suggests, I'm feeling a little cr**py at the moment. Not sure why but I feel fatter than ever!!! I've done ok (lost 29lbs up to now in 8/9 weeks) but feel such a failure and don't understand why! I look at my body and feel gross - everything wobbles and moves. Before I lost weight it was kind of solid and smooth fat! It doesn't help that hardly anyone has noticed I've lost any weight either. I'm a third of the way to my goal but it seems so far away I just feel like crying. Are my expectations just too high? Has anybody else felt like this on their journey??
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Firstly well done on loosing so much so far . yes i have felt like you do now and still do sometimes but i've actually come to see that berating yourself and seeing yourself as gross doesnt spurr you on, its actually very self defeating.

i too am a third of the way to my goal and sometimes wonder if i will ever get there, but one thing i am sure of is that if i give up then i never will!!

if its any consolation i once knew someone who'd lost over 4 stone and her husband hadnt noticed !!

you're just having a blip-ride it out YOU CAN DO THIS
Hi chick, I had to loose three stone before the women in work would comment on it...It took a long time of me thinking they could not see to realise it was their jealousy that was preventing them from saying a compliment...people will have noticed. As for feeling bad about your self...I think you are doing extremely well and you should be proud of yourself...think of what you have achieved...my weight loss has certainly changed my life in fact it has given me back my life and it will change yours too...so wallow tonight if you want but then pull yourself up by your boot straps tomorrow and get back on track....you only have two thirds to go to goal...((hug))..xx
You have done so well on your weight loss and should be really proud:).

Do not get disheartened - it is tough and you will have down days but getting through them makes you even stronger.

And unfortuntaely it will take u a while to adjust to your new shape - I still think I look awful when I look in the mirror. But trust me everyobe will have noticed how much you have lost!


wants to get super fit!
Ah - thank you both! I sort of feel quite self indulgent now but sometimes you just can't control your feelings can you? It's so silly that I should now be unhappier than when I was 2 stone heavier but at the moment that's how I feel! I won't give up though - I just need to re-focus.


wants to get super fit!
Thank you too for your support Debzi! I have taken all your comments on board and am now going to bed because I feel so close to tears ( how pathetic am I!) It really does mean a lot though to hear such wise words from people who REALLY know the score.


wants to get super fit!
Yes you were right - I feel loads better today! The fact that I've lost another 4 lbs this week could have something to do with it!!! I've noticed that Fridays have consistently been the worst days for me and I think it's because it's the day before my weigh in. On a Saturday I'm on a high because (so far) I've lost every week. This tends to get me through the weekend but this wanes as the week wears on! Thank you girls for lifting my spirits! By the way Debzi - you've had amazing weight loss in such a small amount of time, what's your secret?? Off to work now - bah!
Glad you are feeling better. i always used to get really stressed the day before my weigh in and used to end up binging-thus ensuring a gain.
Now i have changed my weigh in day, not sure why that helped and taken a bit of pressure of and it seemes to be ok now
Well I don't know about a short amount of time - it's been a fair few months now!

Just basic calorie counting and walking nothing more complicated than that. My weight loss has started to slow down now so it is getting harder but I'm just about hanging on as I still have quite a long way to go!!

Glad you are feeling better, new day new outlook.:)


wants to get super fit!
You are, of course, so right! I see all these fabulous weight loss stories on here but have yet to REALLY get that 'that will be me one day' feeling. I think you've all done brilliantly and your positive attitude is like a breath of fresh air!
Hi Nic,

Yes I have felt like that too, partic when I think I've had a good week only to find I've not lost weight :(

I also know that I have days like this and then the next day I feel positive again. Find something you like about yourself, other than focusing on the negative? For e.g. I'll bet buying a smaller size pleases you? Perhaps some smaller area of your body pleases you? I love it when I can get the zips up on my leather boots, which I can't at the moment :(

Focus on the positive weight loss has bought about x best of luck chick x
"Hi chick, I had to loose three stone before the women in work would comment on it...It took a long time of me thinking they could not see to realise it was their jealousy that was preventing them from saying a compliment..."

I think jelousy and other people noticing about your weight loss is a whole thread by itself. When I lost 3 stone in the past the amount of negative feedback was bazzare, girls would say 'well you could do with another half stone' etc.. Also it's hard to go from not being the centre of attention to people talking about you. I remember EVERYONE in staffroom at work unintentionally monitoring what I ate 'should you be eating that' :mad: I could have worn a T-shirt with that on :p


wants to get super fit!
Do you know what - I haven't bought any smaller clothes yet! I just keep thinking I'll wait till I've lost that bit more! I think this probably has something to do with the fact no-ones noticed my weight loss as I'm still wearing the baggy clothes I always used to. I'm going to have to soon though as nothing stays up without a belt and my belts are now all too big. I kind of feel that if I parade my weight loss in smaller clothes I'll somehow lose my incentive??! Am I daft or what!
As for my diet, it's really quite boring. I have fruit for breakfast, soup for lunch and an evening meal consisting of meat/quorn and veg. I try not to snack (although the odd Rich Tea biscuit has found it's way to my mouth!) and don't eat after 7. Of course this can all change if I'm out to dinner but I adapt. I haven't given up alcohol and have a glass of white wine most evenings. I don't exercise loads either but I do a bit on a rowing machine every now and again, but by no means regularly! The losses have been good so far but I know it could stall at any time - fingers crossed it won't though!!

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