Exante and exercise


Hi all I followed a 1200 cal bog standard diet when we started lockdown and ive been exercising 3 to 4 times a week. I only lost 4 pounds in 2 and a half months🙁. For the last 2 weeks I thought I'd give slimming world a try and I've actually gained weight😔. I'm classed as obese being 13'9 and 5ft 2 so I dont understand why I haven't been losing weight steadily. I'm actually now the fittest I've ever been in my life tho and go running 3 times a week along with core strengthening as I have a bad back. I'm starting to see real results in regards of my body toning up but I'm still big. I lost weight with exante last year, losing a stone and a half before I went on holiday but it all gradually went back on after getting used to eating all inclusive food and carrying it on when I got home. I did no exercise then though. I need to lose weight. I'd like to go back on exante but i dont wanna give up the exercising. I'm planning on sticking to the 800 to 1000 cals a day. Do u think i can lose weight safely this way and more importantly will it actually come off me this time. 4 pounds in 3 months is soul destroying. When I weighed myself this morning and discovered I'd actually put on, I was broken. I've been crying off and all day. I thought I'd given myself enough time to drop a dress size, maybe 2, before my 40th birthday but i dont know what's gone wrong. I'm 40 next sunday😥 Has anyone been in a similar situation and can offer advice?
Ah hon it's so hard isn't it.

I'm a super lazy person but I started mid April on Exante and I've been switching it up a bit to see what works best for me.

I'm doing 3 products and topping up to 1,000 calories per day with food from the approved food list on Exante.

I'm doing a minimum of 10,000 steps per day and I have been trying to throw some ab exercises in there but I don't want to do much more cos it really does slow the losses down.

I think for the plan you are on you are too active which is why you aren't losing.

Why not give up the exercise for 2 weeks but keep active by walking just to see if it does start to come off?
Thanks hun. I think I may give that a try. I just dont want to lose the progress I've made. I've actually discovered muscle in my tummy which I've never had before, even when I was skinny lol
I know it seems like a backwards way of doing it but you know you can pick up that exercise again when you get to a lower weight.

I'm just focusing on the weightloss at the moment and when I get to within maybe a stone of my goal I am going to focus on toning and tightening this flabby body of mine!
You don't sound thick at all, I was the same when I was getting to grips with the forums.

In the Exante category there is a diary section and you can create a diary in there to keep you on track.
Hey Dylanabbie,

Just want to see if you are interested in joining in with the Exante Christmas Cracker challenge for 2020.

I only started it today, hopefully you'll join me.

Ok first diary. Waiting for exante delivery so making do at the moment.
Day 1-
Warrior protein bar- 270 cals
Finish first protein flapjack-278
Eat natural protein bar- 223 cals

I wasnt very hungry so that was all I wanted that day.
Day 2-
Warrior protein bar-270 cals
Finish first protein flapjack-278 cals
Fathead pizza dough(100g), sliced chicken and sprinkled mozzarella

I had no idea how high in cals fathead dough is so I'm at about 1200 cals today. I wont make that mistake again. I'm waiting for lo dough to arrive so that should make my 200 cal meal easier. I wont be eating anything else today lol. On the plus side, my fathead pizza was really low in carbs.
I felt a bit disappointed that the fathead pizza was so high but its a rookie mistake lol. I'll feel more in control when my order comes, hopefully tomorrow 🤞

How are u feeling?
I'm alright, just going to place another order now.

They have 100 shakes for £70. I have enough left for about a week so might aswell just order it while I can get it at that price.

Och these things happen when we are just starting out don't they, you won't do that again.
I cant get away with the shakes. I feel like I need something to chew lol. I love the macan n pecan bars and the red thai soup tho so I'm stocking up on them. The soup is so thick it fills me up and if I pop little blobs on some baking paper and cook them till they firm up a bit, it's like eating crisps 😉
I don't mind the shakes because I am also having a 400 calorie meal during the day.

Oh that's a good idea, would never have thought of that.
Yay my exante order has finally arrived but didnt come till after dinner. My lo dough has also arrived. So today-
Warrior protein bar
Exante thai soup
2 hard boiled eggs
Lo dough pizza
All together it comes to 818 cals. I'm really pleased with that. It's only been 5 days since I weighed myself last but I'm gonna weigh myself tomorrow and see how I've done. It's my mams birthday tomorrow and my 40th on sunday so I'm gonna relax the diet for the weekend as my mams wanting a birthday meal on friday, I'm doing drinks on Saturday with friends and my best friend is treating me to a birthday meal and then drinks with my other half on sunday. I'm only 40 once so I'm gonna enjoy it and not restrict myself😊I'll be back on it by monday tho.