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Having a rough day


Today is day 11. I am having a really low day LL wise. I've been 'hungry' all day - not physically hungry but "oh my god I have to eat something" hungry. It could be TOTM but I've not been regular so I don't know for sure till it's here.

To top it all off I had to do a mystery shop at M&S this afternoon which has to include a visit to the cafe and spending atleast £10 in the foodhall!!! I did it all without cheating - had mint tea in cafe. But hubby was with me he had cake! And now there's yummy food in the fridge!!!!!

I now feel low because it's only 6.30 and I've had all my foodpacks for the day - I'll have to survive on a couple of packs of savory drink.

I guess I can't moan too much until today it had pretty much been a breeze but I am now seriously wondering if I can do 100+ days of this - also really worried about what happens when I finish.

Sorry to ramble - guess I needed to get that off my chest.

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Hi there Vicky-Lou! Dont worry we all get days like this and it sounds to me as if you risen to the challenge really well. You have had your packs, but still have 2 savouries to go and theres always water in the tap! Have you tried the water flavours yet to add some variety? I quite like the Fruits of the Forest one, not too keen on the St Clements tho.

MY fave legal treat is a bottle of San Pellegrino water, its soooo expensive but it really feels like I am spoiling myself when I have it! Why dont you have a lovely soak in the bath to take your mind off it all, maybe with a scented candle or two, and a good book. I find that taking myself off for some me time, whne they are all eating, can help quite a bit. (I WILL be doing that later, as they are all three, having a curry with all the trimmings for their supper. That smell is total torture for me.......)

Failing any of this, do keep posting on Minis. You are def not rambling, we all need to vent sometimes, and this is the place where we all understand and will try to help you through.(Look at some of my recent threads... the advice & help I got was amazing!)

Take care and enjoy the rest of Saturday.

Vicky, You'll have good days and bad days...just try to ride it out one day at a time. I'm now at day 99 by doing just that and I can't believe I've made it so far. You'll be fine!


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You definately can do 100+ days of this. Trust me if I can anyone can and I am sure Sez will agree. You have done really well so far and got through the worst bit already. Do what you can to take your mind off it. I find that watching TV in bed for example helped as I wasn't sitting in my usual snacking place on the sofa and going to the kitchen was a lot more effort from upstairs!

Dont even think about what will happen when you finish, you have only had 2 counselling sessions and it is still early days.

I would get hubby to check whats in the fridge too if you feel like you are really going to slip then you will have to face up to him if its not all there tomorrow! Unless you can get him to eat it all now of course. I have made my DH put food in the car boot before just so its more of an effort to get to. don't give in now, you have done really well.

Hi Sez and Fejja,

Thanks for the advice, I'm now busying myself by doing the mystery shop questionnaire. Later I've got to sort out for a sunday market I'm doin tmrw, so atleast I can keep busy!

It's really reassuring that people who are nearly finished foundation can say that it's not always this hard!
Hi Vicky-Lou

Great advice from the others. I would just add (unless I have missed it) that the fact that you posted on here shows great courage/insight! If you continue to nip your difficult moments in the bud, you will thrive on Foundation on beyond.

Well done! Lesser mortals would have given up by now! Keep going; it's SOOOOO worth it and very impressed that you went and did something else!

Take care and good luck.

Mrs L xxx
Thanks Mrs L!

The distraction worked! I've got a sunday market tmrw so decided that I'd get ready for that tonight then I can have a bit of a lie in in the morning! This forum has really helped as a distraction too, as has your blog over the last week or so - I think I'm upto the end of April!

Thanks again

V x

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