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having one of those days...


i really don't know life
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....where i'm not particularly hungry but i just want to pick!

pick, pick, pick!!

have come on here to try and keep my mind off it, as it's weigh day today and cant blow it now!

what do you do when you just have the urge to be constantly nibbling??

it's so frustrating!!!
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Argh i know what you mean!! i am having one of those days too! i just cant stop thinking about eating! i want to eat everything in sight... i've just had my lunch and already am back to thinking about eating anything....

Normally to stop myself i'll take my mind off it... coming on here is good and helps, or i'll read about something online totally not food related, or email my friend who is dieting too... things like this. Usually i need to rant about how i want to eat and then i need to take my mind off it!

You can do it!! just think of that slimmer body you will have if you resist, you can have such a sense of achievement by resisting :D We can do it!! now take your mind off it :D good luck!!


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Argh I do exactly the same, I found myself doing it earlier despite having had the most disgusting bingey weekend ever and putting all the junk food on the side with "eat me" written on it for my housemates...I was just standing there stuffing crisps.

Find something you can completely immerse yourself in doing - yesterday, I agreed with a friend that I'd do some work and then check in on each oter in an our to see how much we'd done - three hours later I'd been working solidly without thinking.

I'd adise you to just sit down and think why you pick - and write it down. I've got a poster up on my wall now saying "why am I eating this" =- and I narrowed it down to 6 reasons - anxiety, sadnes, loneliness, self hate, guilt and boredom (thanks to a website on comfort eating I found!) - after each heading I've put a reason why I souldn't be feeling that way, or how I can sort it out. For example, under "self hate" I've put "Don't be silly, people like you - it's just paranoia". Under "guilt" I've written "Eating will only make you feel more guilty, and will make you put on weight which will turn into self hate and more guilt"

So yes. Something to stick on your wall where you'll see it is good - it sort of stops you in your tracks. I'm thinking of sticking something in my fridge and cupboards too....


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I find that I pick when I have denied myself something I really want. So instead of just eating what I wanted (in moderation!) and getting the craving over with.. I ended up trying to satisfy the craving with several other things. It would have been better to eat what I wanted, than consume the extra calories I did trying to find a substitution with multiple things!

Other than that.. I pick when I'm bored... in which, I try to find something else to do.

I find excersiseing helps, I try to go to the gym quite often or go on the excersise bike at home and I burn so many calories, I think to myself just how that excersise was all for nothing if i blow it, I think ive actually only blown it once when ive been excersiseing, and when i mean blown it i mean eating too much and having a few chocolate bars. i do eat everything in moderation usually
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Sometimes on WI day I have to have a long bath to stop myself eating anything.

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