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Hayley's TF Diary~~Week 1 done and dusted~~


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Day 1 for me today, woke up feeling a little poorly but still going to start today. I'm worried i wont like the shakes but will soon find out, going to have my first shake at about 9ish though its tuff if i don't like them, sure not going to waste my money. I'm really looking forward to being settled in a diet as i was a serial diet hopper in the past.

Got weighed yesterday i was kind of shocked that i wasn't more than i was back in 2009 when i started dieting but still thats a small bonus as i have so much to lose. So as to make sure i don't get bogged down by the scale of my journey i am going to take this stone by stone. I am going to set myself stone targets and when reached i might treat myself to something nice.

My mum is also starting a healthy eating diet this week so is very interesting to see how we both get on. I'm feeling very posative about 2011 bring on the shakes :)
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Had a strawberry shake this morning which was quite nice considering i couldn't stand both Cambridge or SlimFast strawberry shakes, just hope the others are as nice :D

Had my apple for mid morning then going to have an egg with some salad for lunch as i have a BMI over 40 i get that extra protein each day. Though i don't think i will be hungry i will do as the diet recommends and be a good girl.


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Had a mixed bag today.......

This morning was great, liked my first shake which was something i was worried about. Had an apple mid morning and then my extra portion of protein for lunch, felt uber full and didn't know how i was going to manage my other shake plus my other bit of fruit and a meal. Then i had a dinner disaster which threw me off balance and i almost went for a quick fix but lucky for me my very supportive partner helped keep me on track. I had made a ginger and soy calamari dish with mango out of my TF recipe book, it was total yuk!!!! I love fried calamari so thought i'd like this but it wasn't the dish i had imagined so went to waste and by this time was tired and hungry and was tempted by a sarni.........However i was good and had some steak with mushrooms and salad, this was totally divine and now i'm a satisfied dieter who is tucked up in bed and happy to say day one complete and feeling good.


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I didn't get round to posting here yesterday but its Day 3 for me today.......All is going really well apart from the fuzzy head which I've had for 2 days :( I hope i wake up tomorrow feeling better.

Just had a really lovely dinner, I did the mustard pork recipe from the TF book with a few mushrooms and some notatoes (didn't like the overpowering garlic taste) next time i will skip the garlic. The consistency was really nice and is a serious substitute for the days when i need some mash potato :D I'm really starting to enjoy the diet and just love that i can eat normal foods. I have just made some TF friendly puds, I did stewed rhubarb and apple in jelly.....YUMMY!!


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Day 4 I had a really lovely day out with the family today. Had my morning shake and my lunch shake before going out to the cinema with the kids. I was naughty an had tortilla and jalapeños whilst watching the film! When we got home i had a tuna salad which was really good, don't think i managed the 2l of water yesterday though.

Day 5 Was really hoping to wake up with a clear head but i still have this horrible dull n annoying headache. Not really feeling that good at mo but i'm not sure if its diet related or just a virus. Anyway going to have a nice pj day i think so that maybe tomorrow i will feel better.


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Day 6 I have woken today feeling mighty good, no headache yippy yo yippy yay!! :D

Scales are looking good too, what more can a dieter ask for. Loving the diet at the moment seems to be working out really well. I don't feel like i'm depriving myself of anything in fact quite the opposite i feel like i'm giving my body the goodness its always craved.

My partner of almost 7 years and i have decided to try for a baby, not going to start till June though so between now and then i plan to lose as much weight as possible. So exciting i feel like i have a really important goal to work towards. I already have 3 children which my partner adores but until now he hasn't felt ready for his own but is so nice to see him really looking forward to having his own child.


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Day 7 Had a really good day again today. I woke up this morning with so much energy, is so nice feeling like this as opposed to feeling all groggy in the morning which is how i feel when not on a diet. Had my mum and sister over for lunch today which was really nice. I did a prawn salad using my extra protein serving, just love being able to eat proper foods on this diet, fits in so well with normal everyday life. Then for dinner this evening i had a small portion of yesterdays dinner as i cooked up two extra portions, was really nice to have a night off cooking and just microwave my meal.

Weigh in day tomorrow, looking forward but a bit nervous as my mum has become uber competitive and want to prove that she can lose as much as me on her healthy eating plan that don't cost her extra money in shakes. For me this diet is about that little bit of structure that i need and money doesn't really come into it. Well fingers crossed for tomorrow.

If anyone pops in here please feel free to comment or say hi, this section is so very lonely.


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1st WEIGH IN.........and i'm 6lbs down, i'm over the moon :D

My scales weigh me less by 1.3/4lb but will stick with the boots scales for my official WI results. Really pleased and feel so positive on this diet. Will post a diary entry later today.
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well done, keep it up.

How much is it costing you for a week of the shakes?

and then what do you need on top of that is it 1 meal a day. my bmi is about 41 so i would need the meal.

Thanks x


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Wow so nice to see some faces around here. Thankyou both for reading my diary and taking the time to reply with your lovely comments.

The diet is costing about £28 a week but the boots offer at the moment is get 14 shakes or soups and get another 14 free so thats two weeks worth of shakes for £28. If your BMI is over 40 and like you mine is, you need to have an extra serving of protein at lunch time, i normally have some eggs or some tuna with a small salad. For dinners its a portion of protein and some salad/veg. Your also allowed treats each week and snacks in between breakfast-lunch and then lunch-dinner.


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Day 1 of Week 2

Been at work today so my routine goes slightly off keel. I came home to find out my eldest son was being bullied via facebook which sent me into a huge rage and hunger went out the window. I have just made myself an omelette's with some tinned tomatoes as i was to tired to worry about cooking properly. I still however need to fit in another shake but just don't fancy it tonight.

Short post from me tonight as am feeling rather drained after this evenings events. Will post again tomorrow.


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Week 2

Day 5 and the Inbetween Days
Well todays Monday and am glad to be back on plan!
I had a very rocky weekend. No explanation for it but i was just totally off plan, i'm not even due on. I didn't over indulge or binge but i did have carbs. Luckily my partner is really supportive so last night when i felt like i couldn't get back on plan he gave me the talking to i needed and today i have been 100% and found it easy. The one thing i'm finding hard is having my 2 shakes plus that extra protein due to my BMI being over 40, i found that i'm never hungry enough for that 2nd shake but today i made sure i had those two shakes first and then had a boiled egg after as i felt hungry enough for it. Just feel like i have been trying to cram a lot in. I haven't got into a routine with this diet like i have with other shake based diets but fully intend to this week.

I'm in two minds as to weigh in this week, not sure i should bother due to my bumpy road over the weekend or weather its part of me dealing with the results and picking myself up. I just feel a negative WI will send me off plan again.

Also finding the water intake hard but am going to knuckle down.


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Ahhh thanks Wemo. How are you doing, how many days into are you?

I have done really well since getting back on track on Monday, I'm going to weigh in on Wednesday which will make it a 2 week WI but i'm looking forward to it now. I shall make some proper diary entries at the weekend, been doing lots of well over due jobs around the house so haven't had time to post much.

Thanks for popping in Wemo x
Started on Monday sort of half @rsed, just substituted one meal and drunk loads of water to break myself in, had normal but low fat dinner. Properly knuckled down on tuesday this week. Going to weigh self Monday morning :) Keep walking around the scales avoiding them these past few days. So tempting to hop on them, but don't want to get obsessed with daily weights!!
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celebrity slim or tony ferguson?

hi girls i was just wondering what the shakes tasted like? i have tried the celebrity slim shakes and they are nice but costly. i am looking for a meal replacement shake for after a gym work out.and are they high in protein?
many thanks.
S: 15st9.5lb C: 15st9.5lb G: 11st9.5lb BMI: 33.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
hi thanks for your reply. they just appealed to me as boots are buy 14 get 14 free!

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