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HE(a) 6 x cheese triangles..???

Yo dudes - am 'redding' it today for the 1st time, and altho I had a luvverly brunch of egg, healthy eatin bacon, toms, mush & 2 x malted danish, I fink I'll revert back to green 2moz - anyway, back to 2day, on the aforementioned danish, I had 2 x lite LC triangles, leavin me 4 left from a HE(a) - can you have the 6 at any time of the day or do they have to be eatentogether? Nah, surely not....??? :sigh: Incidently, I'm treatin myself to 2 x HE(a) 2day 4 the 1st time ... living life on the edge or WHAT??? :eek:
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You can have them whenever you want as long as it's all in the same day. Some people use some triangles with their lunch then save the rest for evening snacks.

You should try to use all your HE A's and B's and most of your Syns because when you start to plateau you will need to start cutting back and if you don't have anything to cut back on you may get stuck in a rut


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Yes but the daily Syn allowance varies depending on how much you have to lose. For instance, most people are allowed 10 - 15 Syns a day but when my friend who is 25 stone done it she was allowed 25 Syns a day. Someone who has less to lose may have only 5 - 10 Syns allowed per day
I see - so itz not the free food allowance that alters with weight loss, itz just the syns? I wanna lose a few pounds (well, after all this eating, I hope itz just a few pounds as I never feel hungry, so I sometimes think I'm not doing any good) - u feel like that? Anyway, I started out at 10 syns and shall not go over that xxx


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10 should be fine. I have eaten loads today but I've only had 9 Syns. I still feel full from my dinner. It really is amazing how much you can eat
Now I know yr gonna shout at me here, but I'm on my 5th day (began SW last Wed), and have accumulated 30 syns from these last five days (based on 10 a day) - I hope I'm not wrong in doin that, itz just that I'd rather save 'em up for wine, of which we have none in tonight (bar one glass which I've accounted for) and I just don't wanna 'waste' them - am I ok doin this? My week will be up on Tues, so am I ok using them up between Mon and Tues? Mind you, it'll be 50 by Tues ... If they don't get used, then I ditch them and start a new week afresh, right? Sometimes it's hard to know what to spend them on xxxx
smigget - :) i know where you're coming from becuase i'm quite happy to be really good and use virtually no syns during the week and then use them at weekend but i've been told off for this before...

:wave_cry: you're not really supposed to save up your syns for the weekend. if you have set a limit of 10 a day that should be used per day.

you can use 'flexi syns' - if you know that you are going out or would like a treat you just set a higher allowance for that day and then plan to stick to it.

unfortunately wine is a killer for syns, i have tried drinking vodka as all spirits are much lower but its not the same :cry:

hope that helps,

wonder why we aren't sposed to save them up? Makes sense doesn't it? Better 'saving' them for a few wines or voddies for a couple of 'grrreatt nights in/or out' than 'wasting' them individually on spending 6 syns a night on 3 rich tea bikkies that we can do without ???? Surely we can indulge in a coupla back2back 'indulgance' evenings and used saved syns??


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Flexible Syns is exactly the same as saving them up. If you use more Syns for a night out you have to cut them from somewhere else
The way I understood flexi syns is that you dont have to save them from anywhere else. You kinda treat yourself and thats fine! - as long as its not all the time x
not sure about why you shouldn't save them up. perhaps someone else knows? i tend to think that if i've balanced over the week then that's ok, but then that's probably what i've told myself so i go legitimately go over on a saturday.

15 syns it just not enough for me one day of the week... the week i like to let my hair down and have a drink! trying to find a strategy round that. i do like vodka but missing the wine and the pints!

i do take the view its better to average less than 15 every day than go mega over!

Kat x


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We are always told that we can start our week with the whole allowance and deduct as we go, we just can't take them into a different week


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hi , sorry i am new to slimming world and have to do it on line as no class near me , i was wondering if any one knew how many slices of weight watchers malted danish 400g i can have as healthy extras and like wise how many laughing cow light triangles i can have - i know i can have the 6 of the extra light but doesnt say how many of just the light

help !!


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3 slices and I think it's 5 triangles of the light.

Welcome to the forum Apes, take a look round and ask anything you need to know x
Welcome Hun xx

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