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Headache on induction ?


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How long into induction? Could be dehydration - are you drinking enough water? My first month i found i always woke up soooo thirsty ...because i couldn't keep sipping water while i was asleep!


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I only get a headache on one day, as katie said you could need water. Everyone is different though so take a panadol when you get them and it will be a great help.


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Hmmmmmm, don't know what could be causing it then.
headaches, one day totally wiped out then the next have loads of energy. i have lost 3lb so far this week so i guess my body is working hard.

i do have lots of stress this last 8 days. home alone with 2 teenagers and a toddler, cats broke his leg last friday. just very hectic atm


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And you're wondering why you've had headaches!!!!! Things can only get better!
thanks. yeah i guess im just abit worked up this week. loads of things going on at the moment that are just beyond my control. i will cope though, i bloody will ;-)


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I'm day 9 back on induction & my head is thumping. I'm drinking lashings of water though


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I sometimes get headaches when I wake up, and am really thirsty. However, if I have not had my 2 litres of water the day before, I wake up fine, no headache or thirst. Dont know why, you'd think it would be the other way round ?


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Hmmm Cin don't like the sound of that, are you worried about stuff? Taking nurofen?

And Kayla's Mum - you poor love, lots ot worry about - but you do get through it, we don't have much choice eh? xx
yeah no choice, just got to get on with it and stand tall. as hard as juggling kids, dogs,cats and diets is, we just have to tell ourselves that we can do it ! we are strong and nothing ( especially no little headache or battling teenage sons) is going to stop us going where we want to go. times will always get tough, but we're made of tough stuff !


Clean green leafy machine


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No I'm fine Susie...I think it just took a while for me to get into ketosis. It's easing off tonight, but I can't stop peeing, lol


Clean green leafy machine
Good honey, that's an excellent sign - just see it as all those nasty carbs flushing away and in a day or two you will be raring to go! :)

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