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You might be getting headaches because you're consuming less sugar. If this is so then they will pass eventually and you'll feel much better for it! Dehydration can also cause headaches so make sure you're drinking a good amount of water thoughout the day! :)


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Do you know I could of posted the exact same thread . I have been getting bad heads today . I think it's lack of sugar and not enough alcohol . I guess starting a healthy diet after weeks of gorgeing and drinking alcohol is bound to have a detox affect . I am hoping it wears off in a couple of days .


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Ahhh well weeks of eating nothing but chocolate and alcohol im not surprise but ive even woke up with it again so ive just had tablets and i feel sooo tired like i did last time i started, anyone else feel tired??


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Jacqui make sure you are drinking plenty of water, it helps to de-toxify the body as well as keeping it hydrated.

De-hydration is a cause of headaches, take care now. X


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Tiredness will also be due to the change in your diet but again this will only be a temporary thing. If you have been eating a lot of sugar recently then you have been on a cycle of short-term sugar rushes and then when it starts to wear off you have just topped up your sugar level again. But now you are coming down from the sugar rush and not replacing it.


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hope you adjust and feel better soon x


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Just sick with it Jackie, after all the sugary, rich food we have had over the hols, its not surprising our bodies are in shock lol. Give it a couple of days, drink plenty of fluids and rest. I felt like a rung out tea bag for a few days but am ok again now after getting back on plan and having a few early nights. Hope you feel better soon hun. xx