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Healthy BMI for SS


Working on it
Wondering if any one can help me!?

MY CDC originally put me on the 1000 plan as my BMI was so high, it was 51, this is obviously to do with my weight but also the fact that I am so short, only 5ft 1. I have been doing the 810 plan and feel great on it as the 1000 plan was too much food for me to eat in a day! nor was it practical for me right now! at my appt yesterday I asked when I could go on SS and she told not until my BMI was 30 as my body wouldn't cope with it, I know my body and after another week of 810 I feel as though it would. I've currently got a BMI of 49. Would it be safe for me to go on SS now? I am keen to get the weight off and don't know if I can continue to afford to eat the Cambridge products and still be food from the list! I don't know what to do!


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Hi Emma,

As you say yourself you are feeling great on 810 and I would think you are best to stay with it for now like your CDC has said...the weight loss between 810 and SSing over the course of a month is not much different...I would think a pound or two at the very most.


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Hmm. I can understand where she's coming from. I suspect she's worried that if you were to do SS, you'd be more likely to fall off the wagon.

But I am a bit puzzled as to why she's saying you shouldn't do SS until you have a BMI of 30. :confused: I started SS with a BMI of something like 43 and, yes, it was tough, but I was fine.

I wonder if it's worth dropping an email to head office to see what the official line is on this. I'm seeing my CWPC in a bit - if I remember, I'll ask her if she's had any guidance on this sort of thing.


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I started on a BMI of 35.4, so you dot have to be below 30. But as has already been said, perhaps she's talking from experience and 810 would be better for now?



Working on it
Thanks all, I'm happy to stick with 810 for a bit but don't want to for too long, I'll see what the guideline is from headoffice - Thanks!


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Good for you. :)

For what it's worth, I asked my CWPC, and she said she'd have done exactly the same thing - put you on 810 to start with.

Maybe in a few weeks you could try SS, but I think you'll find the losses on 810 almost as good anyway. If you think about it, it'll make a difference to your calorie intake of

7 x (810 - 450 = 360) = 2520 calories a week. Which is around half a pound a week difference in weight loss terms.

If you're coping well on 810, I think (as Mini said to start with :)) you may as well stay on it. Is the chance of losing 2-3lbs extra a month worth the risk of you being so hungry, you can't stick to the plan?


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I did SS twice with a starting BMI of 48 and 50 each time. No problems at all, and managed exactly the same both times. The first time I had to do a higher plan for the first week whilst I got doctors signature, that was all.
Never heard of having to be anywhere near BMI 30 to SS in fact I was recommended to move up the plans when I got to BMI of 28ish.
Strange how these things change.

Good luck with your diet though, it sounds like you are doing great whatever! :)
i think if you have a bmi above 40 and/or a medical problem and want to do ss you need a docs signature to say that they understand this is what you want to do (it is not a docs permission). under 40 with no medical problem and i believe that they just get sent a letter to let them know what you are doing.

the 810 plan is excellent and you will still loose loads on it. you are probably only looking at 3lbs difference per month less on the 810.


please try again
i started with a bmi of 60, straight on to ss but i had my doctors signature ready to go


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i started with bmi of 52 last year and 51 on my restart this year and both times went straight onto SS.
maybe she is just trying to settle u in first then u can move down, either way like the other said there will be very little difference in losses but it works out more expensive. Good luck x

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