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Healthy eating is very expensive....

I have decided to go down the healthy eating route when I finish LT. Its bloody expensive, I have been store cupboarding sauces, spices, juices, noodles, pulses over last few weeks aaarrrggghhh. God who knew it cost that much....:eek:

Im only thankful that they last a long time & that the dates are well into 2010!!!

Well done everyone on their losses, fantastic week again xxxx
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hey clare - before i started refeed i looked comparesupermarket.com website and you can compare asda, sains, tesco and one other ive never heard of and it will tell you the cheapest place etc for what you want. Just choose one store, bag up everything you'd buy and then check the totals for each store. It also offers you the chance to change to alternatives that maybe cheaper :)

I find asda very good for meats. They have 3 for £10 on fresh meat (chicken breasts, pork chops, lamb chops etc etc) or i prefer to buy the frozen stuff as i'd freeze the fresh stuff anyways and i buy 2 bags of salmon fillets for £5 (4 fillets in each bag) - you can also get haddock and white fish for the same prices. A bag of frozen chicken breasts (asda smart choice ones) for like £3 summat and its about 8 pieces in there. Frozen veg is also very good too - things like peas and beans etc :)

I find the most expensive stuff being the salad stuff and fruit :sigh: both of which i love :giggle:

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
If you shop around, it should work out o.k. Go for fruit and veg, in season, and on offer. Often the veg shops work out better value than the supermarkets. Aldi do great deals on veg/fruit and it is all very fresh. As you said all your pulses, spices last a long time. Just a big initial cost when you are stocking up from scratch again.
Ridiculous isn't it! I spend up £180 a week on fresh healthy food. I cook low fat healthy meals for everyone and the ingredients do cost more but the food tastes delicious.

Good idea Tanya to compare prices. My Hubby is a food snob and prefers M&S for his grub. I also prefer to buy organic and that also adds to the cost.
i know what you means clare.. before starting lt i used to spend a fortune on fresh stuff only to decide it was much cheaper to buy the processed stuff but i am adapting and will certainly try that compare thing what a good idea x
Haha, indeed it is! Someone was asking me some advice on becoming vegetarian today & I was googling veggie sweets - like marshmallows & see, that really is expensive! Over six quid for some marshmallows!! Not that it's necessarily healthy, of course, I'm testament to the fact that vegetarians are no healthier than meat eaters ;-)

But, if you think about it, a lot of the stuff you've been stocking up on will last quite a long time - especially if you're having sensible portions (I say that as I know that I probably eat double what would be considered a "normal portion")! Good idea to start stocking up now though :)

Thanks everyone for your suggestions, Im deffo gonna look at compare website, never even thought of that, genius.

I must admit I am going down economy gastronomy meal planner thingymijig. This is were you have 1 bedrock meal you can then make 2 others from it, basically so you only do main shop once a week, & buy fruit & veg as required.

The recipes are quite easy & look really tasty & i wont pick when I get home as already made, wahey....

Also by buying the spices I wont be tempted by readymade sauces when doing stir frys etc. Theory sounds great just got to put it into practice when my time on LT is over.

Thanks again everyone xxx


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Clare thats exactly what i did. At the beg of the month i stocked up on my frozen meat and veg then did a shop every week and spent about £80 on food a month. Forward planning is the best :) x
I know!! And the Government wanders why obesity is such a problem.

I brought this brilliant cook book from Tesco " How to feed the family a balanced diet on very little money". It has loads of really good, simple recipes, and even meal planners, and a weekly shopping list for under £30, which rotates over 5 weeks. I have used i every night this week, and the boys have loved it.

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