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    Hello new and old friends, I hope you don't mind this being a long post as I was a steady member here a couple of years back till my Doctor stopped prescribing me Xenical and I had a knee replacement therapy, so all my good work went up in smoke, well nearly all. In July 2010 I was 293 lbs and managed to get down to 249 lbs and then went up and up till September 2013 I was once again up to 263! Then the best thing ever happened, this may sound so daft but it's true, I had a very acute and bad attack of pancreatitis, for those who know about it you will know it is extremely painful (understatement of the year) and can be fatal, and this was my second bad attack!

    So making a long story short it shocked me into action and all my home made wine making kit was given away and gallons of wine poured down the drain as alcohol is a really BIG NO NO, um I knew that but chose to ignore it. My diet had to change as there was so much my stomach wouldn't take so now I am what you all call a healthy diet, no red meat, fish, occasional chicken, lots of veg and fruit, which I cannot manage but do like home made healthy green smoothies which is now my daily breakfast. I had to cut out as many additives and preservatives as possible so I now make my own home made bread, home made jam and oodles of yogurt which I strain and make into a fabulous butter replacement, and a super herb and garlic soft cheese with NO FAT, and of course loads and loads of home made soups, mainly vegetarian! You would have thought this was very bland but for nigh on 6 weeks I had so much and many different stomach pains I didn't care my mainstay was my home made butternut squash.

    Now the good news, tummy pains completely gone months back but still careful what I eat and then the really brilliant news, a months or so ago a friend looked at me and started laughing fit to drop and when she regained her mentality she asked it I had looked in a long mirror that morning............. now I know a lot of you will understand this, I stopped doing that ages ago! Well she came up to me grabbed my trousers at the thighs and pulled them out sideways, they looked like a baggy pair of jodhpurs but even worse when she gave a slight tug they fell down to my ankles, we were indoors at the time! She then made me go onto the scales and ...................... I had lost 22 YES 22 lbs and on measuring a full 2 clothes sizes.Because mentally I had given up on ever beating my weight problem I just kept on wearing the baggy dull clothes that hide a multitude.

    The weight loss continues, today on weighing myself I am now down to 244 lbs making my weight loss since my new way of eating, I don't call it a diet, started last October, to a very healthy 2 stone 2.5lbs

    I really feel that my success has been down to the completely fat free, which we all know about but also avoiding as much man-made additives and preservatives and processed foods (I will admit to missing my ham etc) I make my home made jam, in my bread maker with 1 x 750 gram bag of frozen mixed berries, 3/4 cup of preserving sugar, 1 sachet of pectin and a tablespoon of lemon juice, no additives or anything else. Much dearer than shop bought but I know what is in it and I can lavish it on my slice of home made wholemeal bread topped with a monstrous layer of creamy thick yochee (strained yoghurt) and eat it without any conscious at all, heehee. I having to be on this way of eating but actually I am really enjoying it, if I feel hungry I know I have my delicious yoghurt, it has to be home made as it is the only way you know it is fat free with no additives, like SUGAR :eek:

    Sorry about the long post but I have read some of the the posts and know that we would all like to hear a bit of good news on our long struggle, promise to keep in touch and try and add other titbits now and then, if you don't get bored. Do post any more questions if you have, or want to look at this type of eating, it can be fun and tasty.

    Mad Chef

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    Hi there , I know this post was a while ago so just wondering how it's going for you?
    I also have a medical problem , something wrong with my stomach, so I've given up alcohol and I'm having a smoothie for breakfast and lunch! Healthy dinner and 2 low cal smacks inbetween.
    Feeling much healthier and losing weight slowly lol hope you're doing well :) x
  4. madchef

    madchef Full Member

    Hiya, yes things are going well as I am maintaining the weight loss, in fact I lost another kilo last month. I have now having a Easiyo Bean n Vanilla Smoothie each day, with a tsp of Wheat Grass and spirulina, plus a chopped up banana, does me for lunch and dinner and is delicious. Still making good use of my home made yogurt/yochee and have not had any butter/marg at all, in fact I prefer the yogurt substitute now and has become a regular part of my home cooking regime. I have also been making some delicious home made soups/stews with the aid of this marvellous product: Jumbo Halal Chicken Stock Powder 1 kg (Pack of 2): Grocery really fab taste and low cal, no fat at all!

    Hope you continue to do well thelifeofpieface and if I am anything to go by you will be feeling so healthy and different within a short space of time, mine took about 2 - 3 months but I was really poorly when I started, something I can't say now as I am feeling soooooooooooooooooo much better.
  5. thelifeofpieface

    thelifeofpieface Gold Member

    Great to hear it's going well for you!
    I must admit that today has not been great for me but tommorow I am starting on having a 100% week, treat dinner on Saturday night but no other exceptions. Let's see how it goes!
    Do you have a food diary on here? I'd love to see your day to day food x

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