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Healthy extra


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Hi hun - on a red / green day my consultant has said we need to have 2B's (as not having them won't speed up our losses) but we can choose if we have 1 or 2 A choices.

I always have 2B's and 1A. Hope this helps x
You don't have to do anything! But they are there for a reason. The A choices give you calcium and the B choices give you fibre. If you are getting enough fibre in other foods, then you might not need the B choice. But you do need to make sure you are getting enough calcium - if you don't you will regret it in later life.
I'm doing the Extra easy, does it make a difference to that too?

I usually have my B, just not the A


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You really need the a choice to get your calcium. If you don't like milk how about some cheese?
I don't like either
I have about 3 muller lights all day, would that be ok to have insted of my healthy extra A?


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Is there not some cheese that you might like, after all they don't all taste the same. What about cheese spread like dairylea or laughing cow, mozzarella or parmesan sprinkled over a pasta dish.
hi guys, any ideas on this one. i've gained a lb this week and i've stuck within my syns. only thing i can think of is that i havent had my HEB. do you think that'd be why?


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No it won't be that as HEs are included for their nutritional value rather than to help you lose weight. It's difficult to say what might have caused the gain without more information on what you've been doing. But some possibilities might be time of the month, a sudden increase in your activity level, not realising that something has syns or incorrectly counting them, not having your superfree foods and overdoing the free foods.
ive given my food diary to the consultant but it looked fairly balanced, i did do 3 days on treadmill for half hour sessions. not had a * week yet, my little girl was born 9 weeks ago so im hopin things will resume soon so i know where i stand.

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