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Healthy Extras Green Day??

Do you have a SW book, or are you doing it from home?

Here are the ones I tend to use...

Hex A - 350ml skimmed milk, 42g low fat cheese (e.g. Kerry LowLow), 28g full fat cheese.

Hex B - 42g all bran, 2 weetabix, 2 x small wholemeal bread (from a 400g loaf), 71g Philly light (any variety - although this is not a Hex A), bag of Ryvita minis, 5 scan bran, 3 Pagen Krisp Rolls.

Fish and meat are also Hex B's on Green, although I never use them for this, so don't know the weights - if I want to mix carbs with meat/fish, I do Extra Easy

Hope this helps



Strutting her stuff
Thank you so much. I really appreciate that.
Trying to do it from home.
Not sure if it's possible!

THanks again
You would find it really useful to go alone to class, even if it is only for the one week. You wuold get up to date booklets that detail the plan, the benefit of the consultant talk, and access to the website for a limited period during which you can jot down the syn values of some of your favourite treats. While the plan can be done from home, doing it without any prior experience of the SW plan will be really difficult.
Philly is a HEXB on green and its fantastic also with green HEXB you can chose more verity of cheese if thats your thing :D. Also if you are not a veggie whilst your doing green you can use your hexb's for meat and fish.

My hexb generally get used for cereal in the mornings and then either bread or extra cheese.
What kind of healthy things do you enjoy ? Let us know and we could make some suggestions ?

Nuts, dried/canned fruit, fish, meat, cheese, soups ?
Thank you all so much for all your help.
Have lost 3 pounds my first week so must be doing something right!

You have all been very helpful,thanks again.
Excellent ! Foodie1 - very right you must be doing it very well indeedy, well done :)

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