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Healthy Extra's on red day, help please

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by JoRoger, 6 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. JoRoger

    JoRoger Full Member

    Hello, am going to have a red day tomorrow as my gorgeous OH is going to make 'pizza topped chicken', which is a recipe taken from the SW website. I want to have a red day (tho am unsure as to what to have for lunch!) and the recipe says to serve the chicken with a jacket used as a healthy extra. Am presuming that this would be a B choice, and that this would mean I could still have my cereal in the morning but no other HEX's for tomorrow. Is that right? Of all the things I have trouble getting my head round with SW (and I'm a veteran!) it is the HEX's! Also, as I would be having milk on my cereal as my HEXa, I'd have to point the cheese, right? Or could I have the cheese as a HEXa but syn the milk, as I only really ever have half of the semi-skimmed allowance anyway, as I don't drink tea and only have a splash on my cereal.

    Many thanks for your help, and if anyone has any idea as to what I could have for lunch on my red day (tend to get a bit lost on reds as I always do greens, the lure of carbs is just too much!).

    The pizza chicken recipe is totally syn free by the way, and looks lovely!

    Thanks for the help xx
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  3. Circes

    Circes Strutting her stuff

    Yes that's almost right! On a red day you can have two HEBs so your cereal would be one and the baked potato your second (if you eat the skin). But you can also have two HEAs if you want which could be milk and cheese!
  4. eternity

    eternity Gold Member

    You could have a mix2max day, so then you could have a green lunch - free green foods as you already have your heb's and Hea's planned.
  5. JoRoger

    JoRoger Full Member

    Lovely! Thank you for that. It's these kind of things that I miss going to class for, as it is quite difficult to glean from the SW website what the whole plan is about and even though I have done SW before, there are a lot more of HEX choices than there were, back then it was two slices of wholemeal or three nimble as one B, a limited list of cereals as another B, milk OR cheese as an A, not both. So my poor brain is a little bit muddled with it all, but I'll get there, with help from all the lovelies on here, what I would do without this site I just don't know!
  6. JoRoger

    JoRoger Full Member

    oh blimey! why are there so many different plans?!! Really don't understand any of it :sigh::help2:

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