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Healthy Extras...

Does anyone know any healthy extras I could try as I always seem to have the same thing - 42g of Weetabix Crunchy Bran or 2 Weetabix and 198g of new potatoes or 2 slices of wholemeal bread.

Also, does anyone know any alternatives to 42g of half fat cheese? I love cheese and would like to try some different cheesespreads.

I don't want to get bored from eating the same things all the time!

Thanks :p

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Here are some ideas. Yesterday healthy b's were:
28g oats+1 scan bran with breakfast
2 ryvitas with lunch (half healthy extra)
1.5 tspns of olive oil with dinner (other half)

Today's was:
1 alpen lite bar (half a healthy extra)
42g branflakes+1.5 dark rye (1 and a half healthy extras)

other ones i have include:
-occasionally 2 slices of a 400g wholemeal loaf of warburtons bread
-5 corn thins
-1 oaty bar
-6 walnuts
-57g reduced fat hummus

as for the cheesespreads, i love the laughing cow triangles spread on ryvita or scan bran. Five are 1 healthy extra A.
Asda do a cereal called Cranberry Wheats. You can have 28g of them for a B extra so you don't get loads but pile a banana, strawberries and raspberries on top and it lasts ages!!! Yum!!!! xxx


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I've been using my HEB for magic porridge, 28g of porridge oats with the syn free Onken strawberry yoghurt + chopped strawberries for breakfast. I make it up the night before and take it in a plastic tub to work with me :)

Occasionally I'll make up a scan bran cake and have it as part HEB and part syns. I usually feel quite fat when I do that though so that's only for special occasions like the weekend lol.. :D


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Have you tried puffed wheat? You get so much for your 28g, add some sweetner and its like sugarpuffs! Very yummy and really fills you up!

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You need to have 1 Oat Scan Bran with the puffed wheat dont forget Hun.

If you get the chance, have a look at the food diary section on here, there are loads of ideas in there. My food diary is there and I vary from Red and Green and EE.

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