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Healthy Extras


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It's shopping day tomorrow and so I'm running low on lots of my health extra items...

Just wondering, is it OK to use double my milk allowance and call it two healthy extras? So instead of 250ml semi skimmed for hexa i would have 500ml for both my hexa's??

Hope so but as am unsure thought it best to check with you ladies in the know :)

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I would say yes (red/green day only), as it says to chose once or twice from the list of HEXa, you are just chosing milk twice.

Please correct me if I am wrong though people!! :confused:


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No, that's totally fine (assuming you're doing green/red days). You can double up on HEs if that's what you want. You'd get 350ml of skimmed milk for one HEa, if that would help any?
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I do this a lot although do get told off on here sometimes for eating to many alpen light bars lol. You can have 4 of them for 2 HEXB's, then I sometimes have 2 more for my syn allowance - That's 6 in one day. Not sure if this will affect my losses but I keep getting told it's not recommended. x


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its fine i often have both mine as cheese or double cereal if im really hungry.
you dont have to have them cos it says 2 HEXA what i mean is it wont hurt to not have them i quite often only have 1 and sometimes even none of my HEXA! xx


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S: 17st6lb C: 16st13lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 34 Loss: 0st7lb(2.87%)
Thank you guys... this really helps.. I love milk lol!!

Unfortunately can't get skimmed milk that tastes nice here... all the milk out here is uht lol...



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I have been known to have double white nimble then syn more white nimble! :D


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I am on green as I'm a veggie and always double up the milk allowance on my HEa as I'm a proper teapot! Luckily I don't like my tea milky (eewwww) just a dash suffices so I get to down as many cups as I want (and that's a LOT of cups :eek::eek::eek:).

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