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Healthy Food ?? You have to learn the read the packaging


The Diet Guy
I was always one when I was big for picking healthy food, didn't matter how much I ate of it of course because it was healthy so used to eat reduced fat humous by the half tonne and believe that it was much better than normal humous.

Anyway to prove my point I want to talk about cherry bakewells!! Now we all know that Kipling do a lovely little cherry bakewell tart and that right next to it on the shelf is usually the weight watchers version of a cherry bakewell. Now the old me would have picked the weight watchers version as they must be a lot healthier than the kipling one because it has weight watchers on it.

The funny thing is of course when I got home I would normally eat 2 of them instead of 1 as in my own little mind if it was healthy then you could eat more of it.

So anyway !! To my point

If you compare the two products next time you are in the shop you will see the following

Kipling Cherry Bakewell - 390 calories
Weightwatchers Cherry Bakewell - 365 calories

This means that the Kipling Bakewell has less than 7% more calories than the Weightwatchers one.

Kipling Cherry Bakewell - 12.9g of fat per 100g
Weight Watchers Cherry Bakewell - 9.9g of fat per 100g

Again this really isn't that much different and I asked a dietician at the hospital what was low fat and she said less than 3% is classed as low fat although some people do say less than 5%.

So anyway I am not moaning about cherry bakewells! and I am not moaning about weight watchers either but my advice is always compare the "healthier" products to the normal products and make sure that the difference is worth the extra money which they can be but also that it truelly is healthy as I would argue a 365 calorie little cake which is 32% sugar is not healthy and should be a treat and not sold as a healthy alternative to other cakes.

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