Healthy healthy doing it on my own!


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Hello everyone!

Apologies if this isn't alowed, let me know and I'll delete it!

I've been dieting for about 9 years and i'm only 20! I want to lose weight for good! So im forcing myself to be healthy and not do another diet, yet still lose at a good pace.

So here is what i'm thinking:

A morning run
Brekkie of fruit and a protein shake

Lunch of soup/salad/omelet and salad, possibly some hummus!

Dinner of something veggie probably with beans and veggies

Snacks of fruit/nuts

Another workout depending on energy, either insanity or the 30 day shred.

Im hoping to lose around 2-3 stone and I just hope I can stick to it and keep it going! I'm leaving out starchy carbs as they seem to make me dizzy and lethargic!

Let me know your thoughts! I start tomorrow! :)
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