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plodding away
After many years of attempting to follow the recommended low fat way of eating I have been enjoying the fat in low carb eating with one big but - heartburn. :mad:

I am having to take ranitidine daily. I dont think I am adding too much fat but am going to have to reduce to stop the heartburn.

Eg today I fried the sausages and added a tad of butter and cream to the scrambled eggs and added mayo to my salad. Will have to stop the mayo and maybe try olive oil dressing instead -not sure if that will help or not. :confused:

Any advice gratefully received. :)
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I can't help here vanda I'm afraid, but you have my sympathies love.


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Oh no :( are you having cucumber in your salad or toms? Tomatoes always give me indigestion!


plodding away
The only difference in the foods I am eating is the extra fat so am going to have to reduce it. Too much dairy produce does give me heartburn but it looks like its any fatty foods - not sure if I am going to able to carry on with this type of eating if I have to reduce the fat. A bit cheesed off really cos I feel like I have to go back to the drawing board and find a way of eating that I like and helps me to lose weight -never easy is it?


plodding away
Never bothered the gp cos if I eat low fat foods and stay away from excessive cheese I dont get a problem. So no point in getting the gp to tell me to change my eating habits! I have got an intolerance to dairy so thats the way it shows up on me.

Have been experimenting and won't be able to follow this way of eating anymore. No heartburn when I do not eat fried foods, mayo, cheese, fatty foods. As soon as I fry anything or eat fatty foods get heartburn again. So will have to rethink and eat mainly lowish fat foods boring but worth it if it keeps the heartburn away. Thanks for your support while I've been trying to eat this way!
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OK Vanda, good luck on whatever you try love.

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