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I used to get it all the time before I started exante and while I was on it for 6 weeks last time it disappeared. Are you drinking your soups/shakes/water really fast? If it affects you badly then it could be something to ask your doctor?
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I get it every now and again, mostly when I go to bed for some odd reason.
I just sip water til the burning goes away.

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Does anyone else suffer from heartburn whilst on the diet? I used to get it alot from eating bad foods but Ive been getting a few little spells of it. Just wondered if anyone else has expericed it?

Yes! Oh god yes. I put it down the the fact that my stomach acid has nothing else to work on - I only usually fet it when I eat [email protected], not when I eat well.. In fact, just bought a new box of rennies today...

I do believe it settles after a while as you 'adjust', but shall get to an actual Boots tomorrow to find some pantoloc and deal with it good and proper.

And hoping it passes in a week or two...


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I suffered terrible from heartburn, even waking me up in the night. I haven't had it since I started this diet.


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S: 14st7lb C: 10st10lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 3st11lb(26.11%)
Thanks, Im glad Im not the only one. It seems to come and go. Hopefully it will settle down as my body adjusts!


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I get it too! I used to get it really bad because of all the rubbish I ate, but it had died down. Now I've been on Exante 4 days and it keeps making an appearance, although not as bad. I just keep popping a few antacid tablets, and that sorts it out in a jiffy :) xx