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Heat me up please!!!


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Right, i am ruddy freezing sat in this house:gen125:(where's the summer gone?:mad:) So am gonna go out to my OH's treadmill and do some light jogging:eek:. Did a bit (and i mean - a bit!!)b4 started CD so will be interested to see if having lost nearly 3 stone will make it slightly easier! Am on 810 so with extra carb intake should be ok? Need to start somewhere and as oil is so expensive have to find alternative way to heat myself up:p.
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I ♥ CD !!
Morning Jax thanks for your lovely message. I agree with you, freezing in fermanagh also dunno where the sun gone go easy on excerise :whacky068:
The jogging should heat you up for a while, and it will be easier with the weight off I found a huge benefit to that myself yesterday when I went out for my jog :) and defo ok on 810

But later wear 2, 3 or even 4 thin layers, much warmer than one thick item of clothing :) I find it much healthier way to heat up than switching on the heating anyway LOL


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Right, that's done and am blimmin' sweatin' now (or should i say - glowing:D). Glad to see that i'm not as much as a couch potato as i thought i was :whacky068:and it only took 30 minutes outta my day and i burned 250 cals (sloooooow jog!!:eek:).

(*Note to myself to carry on and improve!)

I feel great now!! :p
your so right about the cold omg it freezing we have gas and the price of it is madness.500euro for two months and it hardly even on. extra layers and duvets are the way to go!!! good luck with the jogging ;)


has started again!!
Well, its sunny & warm here in Weymouth but my hands are still like ice!

I guess we should welcome it as its a good ketosis sign!


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:DYou know, i never thought of that!! i'm on 810 though, wonder if i'm still in ketosis? Most people apparantly aren't, according to CD book. Must go and hoke out my ketostix;)
I dont actually think it is a ketosis sign I feel its a low calorie consumption sign, I was never cold on the high protein diet, and I've been freezing on this diet. You could still be in ketosis on 810 but alot of people dont stay in it over 800 cals Yesterday my hands completely white colour of death they were soooo cold, I reckon with the amount of fruit I've been eating since moving to 1000 cal plan I am well out of ketosis but still suffering the cold like it was the middle of winter :gen125:

Although it could also be the fact that I no longer have my horrible 3 stone to keep me warm, I'd rather wear an extra layer of clothing :bliss:


Step away from the chips!
I'm waiting for my employer to start deducting the cost of heating my office from my wages :eek:

I'm constantly freezing these days so always have my heater going full blast. Last night my manager suggested all i needed was a bucket of water & a ladle & i'd have a right litlle sauna going in there :D

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