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Im really p*ssed off!! I weighed myself this morning (even though my weigh in day isnt until Thursday and I knew I shouldnt!) and I weighed in 3 lb heavier than last Thursday!! I was sooooooo upset and nearly blew the whole thing when dh and dd went to get sausage rolls, (I had ham and cheese toast instead) but I measured my waist and it was 1inch smaller, so whats going on?!?!?! Can anyone do me a wee favour and have a look at my food diary and let me know am I eating too much????:cry::cry::cry::sigh::sigh::sigh:
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Seriously as you know mid week wi's are a really bad idea, unless you arent going to worry about the result. Just stick to the plan and dont go near those scales til Thursday at your wi. My weight can fluctuate by 5/6lbs depending when I weigh myself but it always sorts itself out in time for my wi.

Dont let it put you off


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I agree, don't sweat it.

I've just eaten a jacket potato with cheese and roast diced sweet potato and butternut squash and drank about 2 pints of squash in the past hour. I have no doubt that if I got on the scales now it would frighten me to death lol. Perhaps you just need a big two? :)


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Your food diary is excellent. Stop worrying and get rid of those scales! My mates scales show her 5lbs heavier than the SW ones.

Also, your body is likely to still be adjusting, then all of a sudden, shift a load of water and what not. So until WI on Thursday, stop worrying!
Your menu's seem fine hun, don't worry about the scales until weigh day!! Its prob just the natural weight fluctuation that everyone gets, try not to worry and and deff try to stay on track!!!!! Your doing really well!
Also it does happen, that some weeks you loose inches rather that lb's but either was something is happening for the good so i wouldnt worry, i would even go as far as saying get those scales up the loft out of the way!!!!
I always weigh heavier mid-week, even with sticking to the plan....now I just avoid the scales until the weigh in...a lot less hassle!
I always weigh heavier mid-week, even with sticking to the plan....now I just avoid the scales until the weigh in...a lot less hassle!
I agree with Mrs V. I always weigh heavier mid-week and my weight suddenly drops towards the end of the week when I get nearer to weigh in.

A couple of days ago I was 2lb heavier than what I weighed last week despite being on plan 100%. This morning I was 4lb lighter than what I weighed a couple of days ago!


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i like my mid week weigh in though!!! i like to just keep an eye out it encourages me but what you have to be aware of is that your scales probably aren accurate and the only scales you can rely on are sw's mine are about 2lb out everytime i like to check because if i'm a bit naughty post weigh in i can see i'm a pound heavier and reign myself in it encourages me but everyone is different i suppose hon.

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