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Please help me :-(


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S: 23st8lb C: 12st11lb G: 11st8lb BMI: 26.4 Loss: 10st11lb(45.76%)
Hi guys, been a member on here for a while but dont post much. My weight loss journey started in August 2013 when i weighed in at 23 stone 8lbs :cry:With lots of hard work i was down to 12 stone 2 in November. But the bad habits are slowly creeping back up on me, i feel like i did when i was big and that i have lost control of it, i have put on 11lb in 2 months and need to get this off asap, i know 11lb dosent sound much but after losing 11 stone i cant start going backwards :-( any advice ? Feeling so down and upset with myself. xx:sigh:
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S: 20st0lb C: 16st10lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 3st4lb(16.43%)
Hi Bex,

Wow - that's amazing and really inspiring that you've managed to lose so much (as someone on the start on this particular weight-loss journey that is really helpful to hear). But I can imagine how worrying it might be to feel that familiar slide back in to old habits and feeling out of control with it. That's a vibe I'm familiar with, and one that I'm aware my happen once I'm trying to maintain my weight too. I very much doubt you're alone in it (and there are probably loads of other people on here who can relate and may be better placed to say stuff than me ... seeing as I've not yet managed to lose so much of the weight I carry around!).

I guess the one bit I can really relate to is the out of control feeling, and the guilt/low-ness and general self-kicking part. For me, it becomes a cycle - those horrible feelings leave me feeling powerless and that leads to more eating, which then leads to more powerless feelings ... and a giant lot of avoiding the scales (then it's easy for me to put on weight because I trick myself into thinking .. 'i'll step on once i've lost this bit i know i've put on' as if not seeing it on the scales means it's not real. So, I'm 100% genuine when I say this - how amazing that you've recognised stuff is starting to slip, weighed yourself (which, from my experience is really brave) and then decided you want to do something about it. Very cool. Trying to put on the breaks at 11 lb is so much better than leaving it for longer.

As to what to do, I'm guessing that you know this better than I do - as you've already been on the right path. For me, what helped me get back on the path (after a couple of years of slippage and re-gaining about 1.5 stones that I'd lost) was that a combination of a 'crunch point' (you know, the bit where you think - if I don't do this now, I never will ... and I need to do it now) and a mental shift (focusing on being gentle and kind to myself, trying to not see my body as the enemy - but a reflection of how I'm feeling and trying to work with all that). I had a read of a cool book a friend recommended to me (Susie Orbach's 'On Eating') which helped as well. Once i'm off the diet, I think that book will come into its own. That combo of making a decision and being kind to ourselves isn't easy though.

I've had years of eating and body image stuff (literally since childhood), so I know that losing the weight won't completely re-set things and some of the reasons I ate like I did will still be relevant, even then. I guess I'm hoping that - like you - I'll notice when it's starting to happen and seek support if I need it.

Whatever you to do help yourself right now - I still think what you've achieved is amazing :)


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First off congratulations on your amazing weight loss and that is an inspiration to me as I want to lose a similar amount. Has anything changed in your life that has caused you to start slipping back into old habits? It might help if you can identify any reasons for the change. Try to remember how far you've come and give yourself some praise for this so you don't end up in a downward spiral and maybe help you to make the changes you need.


G: 105kg
To help you continue moving forward I would recommend setting the restart switch and reset your goals as though you are beginning a new journey. Enjoy the success of what you have already achieved and use this accomplishment as a motivational drive to kick start your new goal challenge.

So put a new goal, new target and new positive self image into the forefront of your mind and let it become the key focus of your new challenge. So never feel that you have come to the end of a journey but instead you are at teh start of a new journey with new motivation and a refreshed focus!