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HEB - 57G wholemeal rolls!


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if you can find warburtons sandwich rolls they are 57g. You just need to find the smallest wholemeal rolls you can. I could only manage to find a 62g one this morning but i'll worry about the 5g when i get closer to target maybe!


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I think you'll stuggle to find one that is exactly 57g. The closest I've found is 60g which I can live with. If you're desperate to stick to exactly 57g I guess you'll just need to cut a bit of the roll off :D


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i found the morrisons 6 pack near enough the 57g but they are tiny


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Aldi's are 58g and they seem a good average size. Also somerfield's own brand ones are the same weight.


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Tesco healthy living wmeal are about 57-58g so just right.
They seem a bit small to be honest.
Did anyone see the steak sarnie in the SW magazine no way on earth was that a 57g roll. Bad magazine lol.


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To be honest I never weigh my rolls, I just make sure that I only have the one and that they are not huge rolls. I try to pick smaller ones but I am never too bothered. Like others have said, if my weight loss slows or stops then I think I will start to worry over it a little more :)


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The new hovis one's weigh 57 g too. They are in a yellow bag and are a pack of 6 - they are ready sliced too and in Asda you can buy 2 bags for £1.50. I use them for lunch for work and they are nice.


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i have the morrison tiny ones and when i weighed it only weighed about 48 oops but i only have one rarely so not as if every day


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I haven't had a roll in ages! Last one I had was a Italian with cheese and herbs from Subway on my birthday :D I think two pieces of wholemeal bread off a 400g loaf seem more "real"

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Think I may have to start weighing mine, I didnt realise there was so much difference.

I guess you'll just need to cut a bit of the roll off :D
Eat the extra, then it will be the right weight ;) lol


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Did anyone see the steak sarnie in the SW magazine no way on earth was that a 57g roll. Bad magazine lol.
I noticed this too!! That looked like a sub type roll, I've never seen a 57g roll that shape. I agree - bad SW, perhaps we should ask them what roll it was!! Bet they would say to cut it accordingly :D
I tend to use the Morrisons ones, but they are very small. I tend to use them as an open sandwich and eat with a knife and fork and a massive salad to make it last longer.

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