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I'm a greedy pig
if i had a million quid i would gladly part with it to be your height you are a whole foot taller than me. Seriously

i know i am only 4ft 8 as i deserve to be punished and i must bear my punishment and not be moaning about it [but sometimes i just can't help it]

anyway i don't know. some measuring scales measure me as 4ft 8 and some 4 ft 9 so its hard to know sometimes

sorry for being so selfish

i would mention it to your leader if its something you are concerned about. i don't know if it makes much difference
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I'm a greedy pig
I'm a shorty too!! OH is 11 inches taller than me!!

Let's embrace our shorty selves...despite the fact it makes clothes shopping almost impossible lol x
i know what your saying and i should be able to i just don't seem to be able to despite years of counseling..even if i was 5 foot i would be glad...to even be 'normal' short would be nice...in others words i am so short i am really off the height scales..i am only 4ft 8 or 4ft 9 if i was 5 foot i would be just short...i wouldn't stand out as much

like i said in last post i just have to accept my punishment. i recently realised my height has knocked my confidence rather than anything else in my life

sorry for being selfish again
well i have been told the best things come in small packages! I just happen to be a small fat one right now! but am getting there! I am 4'11" and it is tough to get clothes that fit! However I can buy a 3/4 length coat that is full length on me! But all my grandchildren are taller than my by the time they get to 10! you have to live with the cards you are dealt but small is ok!


Right to the 'point'
Can I have that extra inch? I wont mind!
Im 5ft 11 and LOVE being tall :)

I'm soooo jealous :jelous: Thats the height I wanted to be from when I was a kid and the reason I've always worn 4 inch heels. I was a mere 5ft 5.5 from 14 but i grew and inch and a half aged 20 during my pregnancy, didnt realise til I had my daughter and put my pre pregnancy trousers on and they were all half mast!
I think it sometimes goes on how u hold your head when u are on the Boots scales. Sometimes I am 5" 4 and sometimes I am taller. I went on with sunglasses on the top of my head once and it told me I was 5" 11 lol. Good thing was I was the perfect weight for my height. So I dont need to diet, just gain 7 inches lol.
bikiniqueen2b said:
I would give anything to be 5ft7 or 8....I'm 5ft10.5 and hate it lol
I'm 5ft7...I would trade with you right now if I could lol


I'm a greedy pig
that is interesting about the surge of hormones..when i was younger i attended hormone specialists for years[for my height problem]...

years ago[15 years ago i guess it must be ..i am 28 going on 29 and it was when i was 10-12] they used to think hormones helped growth in low doses which i tried when i was 13-15[alongside the growth hormone injections i took for 4.5 years from 10-15]..in my case they stunted my growth and i never got over it [i was so so upset that the medication i thought was helping my height stunted my growth irreversibly]

sorry again
ahhh might as well join in! :D i'm 5ft 6 and im pretty alright with my height! average i think? lol though my OH still calls me shorty! his only 5inches taller! gosh, and we both have same leg length! :D just he has a taller upper half hahaha :p

i dont think it will matter too much though, and boots things are not always right, id stick with what the ww people go by tbh but depends on what you feel better doing x

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