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Helens Food Diary :)

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by PrincessH87, 5 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. PrincessH87

    PrincessH87 Member

    Hello, i'm Helen

    I am currently following the Slimming World Extra Easy plan and after a few weeks of not being on track and missing meetings I have decided to get back on it, This week is a new week, a 'fresh start' and its time to stop complaining and do it properly, I have even given myself the kick needed to get back to the gym instead of just sitting watching the payment go out my account every month.

    I have previously lost 3 and a half stone doing Weight Watchers and became a target member, I found it difficult to maintain with lots of weighing and measuring, I also didn't feel like id fully got to the weight I wanted as that Target was one set by the group leader not myself. My mum was doing Slimming World at the time and whilst stopping with her for a week I watched what she was eating, read the magazines etc and decided to give it a try myself as an alternative to help me get to where I actually wanted to be, unfortunately I have a put on a few pounds and am now slightly above my Weight Watchers Target weight, I also weigh more then I did when I went to my first Slimming World meeting (eeekkk) so I really do need to get back on track before it keeps going up and up and before I know it I am back at the beginning.

    Whilst searching for the syns value of something I came across this website and thought id join and think sharing food diaries is a great idea and am hoping by sharing my food diary ill get the extra help and ideas from everyone I need to get to goal, and will hopefully also give ideas to other people.
    looking forward to hearing what you think :)

    Helen xx
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  3. miss14

    miss14 Full Member

    I'm new to this website too but from what I have seen it's great, everyone is so supportive :) Good luck with your journey and I will be catching up with you to see how your getting on! :)
  4. miss14

    miss14 Full Member

    how are you getting on hun?

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