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Hell Im new and in need of some encouragement today ;)

Hiya All

I am soooo glad I have found this forum! Here is my story I hope you dont find it too dull! We have been trying for a baby for two years now, I have pcos and a blocked tube. I have tried fertility drugs which havent worked therefore I need to have IVF to have a baby. The problem is my BMI needs to be below 30 before they will even put me on the ivf list! On the 5th Jan 09 I started slimming world and gave up alcohol I lost 19lb in 3 months. Then for 5 months of going to the gym 5 times a week and trying ww and rc no further weight loss. This was when I decided to try lipotrim on wed 5th aug, so far I have lost 18lb in 3 weeks, my 4th weigh in is tomorrow. My bmi when I began lt was 36.5 and is now 33.1. I have done so well until this weekend when one of my closest friends told me she is pregnant I have just gone down again which has meant me having a little nibble, which is why I need your encouragement if possible. I am only 12lb off that ivf list I really need to pick myself up. Luckily I am still in ketosis. I am gonna start one of these tickers things. Wishing everyone every success xx
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Good luck on your journey - you really have a very special reason to do this - but the primary reason must be for YOU.

Keep in mind how happy you will feel at the appointment when they say yes. stay away from the food, cupboards etc !! good luck, xx
You're still in ketosis so scrub the nibble from your mind and keep on! You're only a couple of weeks at most from being on that list so keep things in persepctive. You want your child more than food so just keep on. Have an early night tonight if it's too tough -do anything to keep yourself busy and get you through to weigh in then you have a fresh start and can keep going.

You've done brilliantly all year not just on LT so you have it in you to keep focussed. When trying for your babies and someone announces a pregancy, as happy as you are for them, it can be just soul destroying. Dont keep yourself in that place any longer than necessary, you can and will do this. Come on woman!!


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Keep your chin up, think of your goal and very soon you will be making your own baby announcement :D
Hey there,

Firstly...congratulations on a cracking loss. You've done brilliantly and must be chuffed that you're so near your goal. Secondly...encouragement wise...you started LT for a fantastic reason- to help you get on that IVF list. You're within touching distance and you CAN do it.

A friend once told me that with any battle you have desire vs desire.

SO.... Desire for FOOD vs Desire for IVF treatment?
I bet there's no contest is there?!

Best of luck- but you won't need it! You have LT and your own will power.


im really sorry t hear your feeling so down however my mam got told she would never have children she was in a crash and the things that support the womb and its functions were basically destroyed and then years later i arrived along with my brother and sister:)
i know some people dont believe it but have faith because god does give to the deserving. and you sound pretty dawn deserving to me.
i hope you can find the strenght to stay away from food because it definatly not better than the little bundle of joy you wil have shortly.
lots of hugs, Nat xXx
Thank you all so much for your encouraging words, i am so glad i found minimins today, I really do think I would have given in if you hadnt been so supportive. now I am sat here with my shake and feel like I am starting again. Thanks again and good luck this week! Your replies made me shed a tear ;)
I'm so sorry to here about your fertility problems. Jesi, who also posts on here, is in the same boat as you and is doing very well. It won't be long before you get your BMI below 30 and you will be on that list. My sister is a fertility specialist nurse in one of the Manchester clinics and has often said that losing weight really helps with the treatment (I have a sister-in-law down here with similar problems and her BMI is over 30) You never know, you might end up in her clinic!!! Which one do you hope to use? (if you don't mind me asking)

Good luck hun, you have the best motivation to stick to LT.



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wishing you all the best and congratulations for your weight losses so far. I hope you will achieve all you wish for. Best of luck.
You never know hun, the weight loss may help your PCOS. St Mary's isn't the one my sister works at. I do wish you the very best of luck. Many of us take our fertility for granted. My sis-in-law would make a wonderful mum but after many failed attempts I think she has given up hope.

Good luck hun.

Hi Maybebaby!

Your weight loss so far has been fantastic! You must have brilliant will power and determination to get this far. You losing the weight for all the right reasons. You're doing it firstly for yourself and then for a little baby. I can't think of better reasons. You'll make a fabulous Mother!

You're nearly there. You've only another 3.1 bmi to go before 30. That 3.1 can disappear in a couple of weeks. You can't start nibbling being so close to goal! It's so not worth. LT is great as it has taught me that food is not that important and I refuse to ever comfort myself with it as it is not very soothing.

Good luck at your weigh in tomorrow!

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