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Hello all I have 3 stone to lose!


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Hi all

I've come to the end of my tether now! I'm 12 stone, and need to get to my healthy weight of 8-9 stone, I'm only 5'2.
When I tell people my weight they never believe I'm that heavy. Which is good I guess! But I know I'm way overweight for my frame!
getting my LT DVD tomorrow and starting on Monday. Yeah!
cant really afford the £36 a week BUT you can't put a price on health. And I'm sure ill be able to lose the majority in around 8-12 weeks from what I've been reading!
hope to hear from you soon! X
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Shake that thing girl!
I pay the equivalent of 55pounds!! 67 euro and seeeeriously can't afford it. But I can't afford to die either so... here I am!
Best of luck this week. Tanks of water. Keep busy. Bed early! That's what I try to do if my little one lets me!
You'll do great and the weight will start dropping in no time at all x


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Hi Charlie I also think its overpriced to but when you think about it if you went out and bought shopping for yourself (family not included) you would spend alot more. I used to be able to do a £25-£30 weekly shop when I lived on my own 10yrs ago. Not now though prices have risen. When I came off this diet I bought my weekly shop for just me and was around £47. That's not including nipping to the shop for a sandwich etc. when you think about it each sachet is about £1.50. You can't get a sandwich for that or tea. You could prob live off £1.50 each meal but it would be McDonald's pound saver menu, pot noodles, soups and noodles lol. Never a healthy meal though. Even veg is expensive now. So in the long run I'm saving money. However I do live in aberdeen where prices are inflated.

Totes that's seriously expensive though what you are paying. Why is it so expensive for you. I would not pay that. I was going to go with Cambridge or LL but LT was the cheapest option for me. Would you not be better off buying tubs of Slimfast providing that they have all the vitamins for the 3 shakes even though your not meant to have 3 but I think that's for safety they do that as LT is safe but Slimfast is a huge company so they would be worried about liability.


Shake that thing girl!
Ya I agree! 67e is major. I did lighterlife but was 80e per wk. I couldn't. For me, it doesn't save me a cent because I still have to d the weekly shop for the family. As I was the 4 th person I don't save cos u usually buy meat in packs of 2! Argh. If I wasn't desperate to offload 12 stone or 10 minimum... I'd do something cheaper. X


Yeah Lipotrim is expensive but if I add up all the cash spent on junk food, drinks etc along with eating out at lunchtime at work then I reckon I am actually saving money.