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Hello all! I have news!


Going for Goal!
Hi everyone :wavey:

Some of you may remember me from last year. I had been on the cambridge diet for a good long while, successfully loosing 8 stone :D I had 1.5 stone remaining to loose when I began to feel unwell.

Convinced I had flu, my symptoms didn't go away and I learnt I was pregnant! :D

Hubby and me were both over-joyed as the main reason for me doing a food replacement diet was to be able to try for a baby. With PCOS and being obese, my chances were slim at that point.

When I told my CDC (who was also over the moon for us) I had to stop ss'ing straight away, and did gain weight over my pregnancy (3.5 stone :sigh:) Not the end of the world as I know it will come off again thanks to CD!

My main reason for posting is to inform you that gave birth to a gorgeous little boy, who we have named Elliot. He is absolutely perfect, and has been well worth the ketosis headaches, shivers and hunger pangs!

I am so thankful to the cambridge diet for the opportunity to be a Mummy that I plan to write to the cambridge magazine for a very heartfelt thanks to my CDC for her marvellous support and the minimins CD forum, which I used to live on to help me get through the difficult days.

I do intend to re-join at some point this year, to give me the chance to loose my baby weight and that extra stone, then work up to maintenance to ensure I remain a yummy Mummy :D I am breastfeeding at the moment, so I have between 3-6 months of food (depending on if Elliot remains satisfied with my milk) and i'll be back all guns blazing ready to join the CD party! :happy036:

Sending you all positive vibes on your CD journey's.

Big Hugs :hug99: Emma x x x
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Gaelic Faery

Cambridge Counsellor
Congratulations!! I remember you, well done on the massive weight loss...definitely worth the small bit of hassle for the bundle of joy :)


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Hi Emma,
Firstly, congrats on the birth of your baby boy!
Secondly, what a lovely story! This is bound to inspire people to follow CD and also to continue their journey.
Thanks very much for your lovely post, and good luck when you restart CD again. :D


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What lovely news. Congratulations and well done on being a yummy mummy!

great things

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Good news. Both my kids were cd kids :). Breastfeeding can be quite addictive. Matthew was 10 months old by the time I decided to stop!


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fantastic news, congrats!
i also fell pg on CD SS last february...
it really is good at helping you conceive. i fell in first month of ttc and after only 4 *ahem* attempts lol!!!
i breastfed for 6 weeks but lil man wasn't satisfied hence my return to cd sooner than expected :(
best of luck with the feeding, i hope it goes well for you both.


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Emma !!!!!!!! I am sooooooooooooo over the moon for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet he is fantastic and I know your story wil give others hope who are losing weight to have babies.

So So chuffed I was to see your name post, and then that wonderful news !!!!!!! Much love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


My husband = My hero
Well done sweetheart that's wonderful news!!!

Congratulations to you all xxxxx
What wonderful news!! Congrats on the birth of your little one xXx

BF is also good for weight loss ;) Xxx

Sarah Lou

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That's wonderful news Emma, I was looking back on some old posts the other day and thought of you then :D congratulations to you and your hubbie and I wish you all the very best :)


Cambridge Consultant
CONGRATULATIONS to you and your husband on the birth of Elliot..
Wishing you all lots and lots of happiness...
I am so happy to here this wonderful news as I know how much you wanted this............. and the chats we used to have etc..
So pleased hon take care
Lotsa love xxx


Big congratulations on Elliot and the amazing weight loss too!


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:family2:Congratulations Emma. That's absolutely wonderful. If you eat healthily while you breastfeed, you should loose a little weight anyhow. If the mum is eating a well balanced diet it's also much better for your baby too.


Going for Goal!
Thanks everyone for your kind words :)

Once my family and my hubbies family disappear I will find time to post some pictures for you all to see - CD babies really are delightful :) hehe!

Lovely to hear from some of my previous pals on here - Charley & CurlyWurly are names I haven't forgotten :)

Hugs x x x

Mrs Taurus

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Emma that is fab, fab news and may I add what a lovely post.

I've now got such a warm glow after that brilliant news that its got rid of my craving for Master T's grapes.

Luck forward to those piccies and regular chats when you are back on here later in the year, enjoy your cd bonus . Mrs T xx


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Congratulations on Elliot. I am back again too, and remember you from last year, though I don't have a baby to show for my weight gain, so you have done really well.


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Emma, what lovely news - how wonderful. Congratulations . And well done on such a great weight loss before. Hope Elliot breastfeeds for as long as you want him to - but will be nice to see you on here as well. Can't wait to see some piccies