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hello all!!! im back!

hello all!:D im back!

all the people who were on when i was here have probs all gone on leading their skinny lives now!:D
i havnt been on LT for a few months now,i swiched over to slim fast because LT just wasnt fitting in with life! but i got far didnt i?!! lol
im going on holiday to south africa in 7 weeks and ive got to loose as much as possible by then! so thats where good old LT comes in!:p

looking forward to seeing all the new faces on here!:D:D:D
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Hiya :) Can't recall whether we've met or not but either way, hi :)


Strong women stay slim
Hi Heather , Well that will be nice going away , so you have 7 weeks , that should give you a head start , i'm off on holiday in under 9 weeks , so lets see how far we can get , I had a few days out of CD , started Saturday at a barbie , then went on sun , mon , but today I have been 100 % back on CD . So when you have done 7 weeks worth of LT are you stopping for hols ? See with me I'm going to stop i think a few days before cos tummy and trotts , so really don't want that while away . lol , cos I think that will happen ? huh lol Wishing all loads of luck
aww thank you! oooo where are you going on holiday?
im going to stop on the 6th week then i have 1 week and 3 days to refeed before we fly out,im not going to be eating really bad while im on hols,just wont be sticking to a diet....after all it is holiday!:p
im going to be meeting the rest of my boyfriends family that still live out there in south africa (hes from SA) so will be having lots of bbqs and im not really into meat so it will be alot of salads for me:)
im going for nearly 3 weeks!!!
ive got a lot of weight to loose in the long run but il be happy to get rid of 2stone before hols just so i feel more happy with myself and not worrying that i wont fit on the plane!!! lol :D:D:D


Strong women stay slim
Yes , thats a good idea with coming off before , just think of bottom burps while on the plane for that long , people will be trapped no where to run , can't even open the window lol , could even make you loose hehe .
I'm off to palma for 8 days , can't wait for that , so you will be staying with his family thats even better cheap lol wow 3 weeks will do you good ! There will be plenty off time to sort the diet out later !
Yes with these plane seats are tight , bucket seats lol come on girl you can do this !!!!
awww thanks so much!
ive never been on a big plane before! only been on from manchester to scotland and that was when i was about 12!!!!! so im dreding that! and then the fact that i might not even get the seatbelt round me!!!!! omg thats my biggest nightmare! my boyfriends being a sweetie he keeps saying its ok if you need to ask for an extender belt i will go ask for you! but im 100% sure that we will definalty not be asking for one!!!! ordered my expensive swiming costume the other day so im gonna have to fit into that!!!!:D
Hi hun, can't remember if we've met but I do remember the name!

Welcome home! I am sure you will easily do 2 stone before your hols. I went on holiday the fortnight before I started and I didn't need an extender belt - even with a BMI of 43.5 - so I'm sure you'll be fine.

Good luck.



Strong women stay slim
Don't worry , just enjoy the holiday , i'm sure they will give you a belt without to much fuzz , which airline ? I remember last time there was not much on the belt . How much was the swimsuite , not worn one in a long time myself
thanks for the welcomes guys! :D
ive heard loads of different things about the extender belt on the plane! my aunty went on the plane last yr at about size 24 and she fitted in the normal belt fine,but then i read that some lady went on the plane when she was size 20/22 and the belt didnt fit her!!!! im quite small (height definalty not width! ha ha!:D) and i carry loads of my weight around my hips so thats why im worrying loads! im about a size 24 now and im 5"3.
im flying with virgin atlantic to jburg then on BA to port elizabeth then later in the hols flying up to durban with SA airways then back home with virgin atlantic.

MsJMC- the swiming costume was £65!!!!!! i couldnt belive i bought it! but it was too late id already clicked! oh well i really like it an il get loads of use out of it this holiday,will be loads smaller next holiday so will have to buy a new one! ha ha all this money i save from stuffing my face i get to spend on clothes!:D:D:D
Heather, my flight was with Virgin too. I carry all my weight round my tummy and found the belt had to be on the biggest setting and done up under my huge belly!!!

I'm sure you'll be fine. Enjoy SA.



Strong women stay slim
hi Heather , wow is that swimsuite gold plated hehe . Just try not to worry about the belt , you will get yourself all stressed out . How are you doing on the diet today ? I have juast got back from town had my first shake at 10:30 am lol abit later today .

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