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Hello all - I'm starting today!

Just a quick post to say hi.

I came across slimming world from some friends, decided to have a go myself as I'm getting fatter and fatter by the day, which makes clothes shopping less fun as whatever I tried on, I didn't look good :cry:

Some dieting history about myself:

I've tried various diets before, when I did low-carb over a year or so and I went down from 11st 7 to just over 10st, however low carb really isn't sustainable, especially when I didn't see much impact I just couldn't make myself to give up rice and pasta and bread for life!

So I switched to herbalife in the month running up to my wedding hoping to lose abit more... that's low calorie for 2 meals, and for the third meal I could have a balanced meal. Did lose abit, but since my wedding, I haven't really been going on any diet, and as a result... I found out I now weigh 11st 10 when I weighed myself this morning....(and 11st 12.5 when I was weighed at my first ever slimming world weigh in session!)

Enough is enough... I'm now reading through the slimming world literature and hope to get down to 10 stone in the near future, or even 9 stone ultimately! (I'm 5"7 - being 11st 12.5 meant my BMI is over 26! I'd like to be around 22 if possible)

How's everyone finding slimming world? I can't wait to try out some new recipes!
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hi, the peeps are here are great, im new and they help u so much
Thanks Jo!! I'm still reading the books I got from my meeting today, will start properly tomorrow!!

Looks like you've lost around 30 pounds in the last 17 weeks, well done!! Any top tips? ;-)


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Hello Dreamaholic, welcome, I just love slimming world, I have been doing it since the last week of May, and to date I have lost 13lb, I weigh on a Monday, and we have a Monday wi thread, if you want to jo.in, if you weigh on another day, there are threads for everyday, we also have some challangers going on, I at the moment is on the July challenge there are two running and I'm on both, I also have joined a christmas challenge, you are most welcome to join. Everyone is very friendly and they make you most welcome, I'v made a lot of friends.
I myself do not go to a class due to no money, but using this site is like going to a class everyday, as you can see I have had a steady loss which is after all what you want, (I would love to lose it all by tomorrow, but hey that ain't gonna happen).
SW is the best diet I have come across, it is so flexible and you can eat so much (if you want to!), What plan are you doing, keep in touch and look around the site its fab!!
speak soon!
hi debtdummy, yes I sometimes look in the mirror and looking at my big tummy I look like I'm pregnant... but I'm not. Enough is enough and I've joined SW today hoping I can lose some weight permanently!

Good luck to us both!!
Hi NikkiRuth

Thanks for your message. Yes people seem friendly here, and I'll check out the threads you mentioned later!! (although I'm not really a runner!)

I'm still to read the books I got to learn about this diet so I'm following the rules! I wonder if it's possible to do SW without joining a group? I think it maybe OK to join a group in the short run, so I can make sure I'm doing this right, but in the long run, yeah I agree a fiver each week does add up over the months / years!

I noticed in your post you do more red days than green - does it matter? (I still don't understand how SW work...coz it sounds too good to be true!)


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My top tip would be to have a MAHOOSIVE breakfast, I usually have egg bacon beans tomatoes mushrooms on toast, and then find that I only need fruit until dinner time, I know this is not always possible but I try to have this whenever I can. EE is fantastic x


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You can do any you can do all red, or green or extra easy, these are the main 3 plans.
If you want to alternate it you can. veggies tend to do only green due to not eating meat and they still lose.
My advice is to try them all and see what you lose people swear by keeping them mixed others swear by just red or EE etc..
Everybody is different as you can see by my losses.
Thanks Jo and Nikkiruth

I only decided to have a go today when I found a group near my office and popped by.

Today I had
breakfast: special K with red berries with full fat milk
lunch: itsu sushi - Itsu - Health and Happiness - Our Food - omega 3 salmon supreme
I haven't read the booklet at that point, and thought itsu sushi looks healthy - it has a decent amount of salad in it, as well as rice and some fish...there's 24.5g of fat in that pack... I hope I haven't done too badly today.
dinner: to be decided... looks like I've been having a green day...?

I'd better read the booklets! Although it says no counting.... it's not that simple! (not for an absolute beginner like myself anyway)


I see the light!

Good luck on your weight loss journey. SW is a fab "diet" I started off on EE and its only just recently I have decided to shake it up a bit by doing mainly red days for a few weeks. I have throughly enjoyed it so far and am amazed at the amount you can eat not feel hungry and STILL loose weight.

This forum is jam packed full of information and recipes, so you should never get bored.

Good luck again

Helen xxx
suplizi - thanks for your support. I can see that you've lost 58 pounds, well done!

I'm still trying to get to grips with what I can and cannot eat - am I right in thinking that with EE I can eat any amount of orange and green and red free food, so long as they're cooked without oil / fat? so lean meat with rice with veg is fine, so long as I have 1/3 plate of superfree food? it just sounds too good to be true...... I know this is SW and not other diet plans, but for some other diet plans you can eat meat but no carb... or carb but no meat... so am quite surprised how I can eat a mixture of carb & meat & veg!


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As the others have said SW is fab and this site is a mine of information. The posters are all friendly and there is always someone to help not too far away.

I am not sure about EE as I am veggie and do green days. But from what others have written it seems to be a good plan. I know when I joined my consultant seemed to be keen to push me down the EE plan route as she said weight loss was quicker. But as a veggie EE doesn't really suit me.

I was going to class but now do it from home. I have a set weigh in day and have all the books etc so it is quite easy to manage.

Good luck with your first week. Let us know how you got on come weigh in day, I am sure you will be pleased with the results. :)
Hi welcome to slimming world. I have been doing it for 3 weeks and its going really well. I find it so good going to the groups and couldnt do it on my own ! Good luck :)x


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How's it going dreamaholic, have you got your head round those books yet, your look back in a couple of weeks and say, what was all the fuss about, this is easy!! Have a good one
thanks all - you make me feel so welcome here!

I'm still trying to get the hang of working out the syn... can someone please let me know if I'm on the right track? thanks alot!!

Day 1 - the day I joined a group!

Special K (HeB)with strawberries, with full fat milk (HeA)

Snack: Apple

Itsu sushi and salad, possibly some syns with seeds and dressing? don't quite know how many though...
Itsu - Health and Happiness - Our Food - omega 3 salmon supreme say dressing is 3 syns, seeds is 4 syns (28g is 8 syns, think that's around 14g?)

Snack: (trying to finish the naughty food before starting properly)
some Kettle Chips (less than a small pack - 6 syns) and mini macaroon (2.5 syns say? this is smaller than half of a 28g cake)

Dinner: smoked salmon bagel (say 5 syn? similar to brioche roll?), miso soup with Chinese cabbage

Syn: 3 + 4 + 6 + 2.5 + 5 = 20.5
not too bad for day 1 when I haven't got my fridge sorted! (and had some synful food to be taken care of)

Day 2:

Activia Peach fat free yogurt (0.5 syn) with apple

Snack: apple

Lunch: char-grilled chicken slices, Sainsbury butter bean and edamame salad (with some corainder dressing that I have no idea how many syns there is, but most dressing in the booklet is 3 syn, so this is what I'll assume...) some grapes and strawberries

Snack: fruit salad with Mullerlight strawberry yogurt (0.5 syn)

Pre dinner snacks: 2 mini macaroons (I've now finished the pack!) - again I have no idea how many syns they are worth, but if a piece of cake weighing 28g is 5 syns, I'll assume 5 syns (they can't weigh more that 28g)

melon with parma ham (0.5 syn)
cod, mushroom, shallot, garlic and chives pasta (made with fat free natural fromage frais)

Syn: 0.5 + 3 + 0.5 + 5 + 0.5 = 9.5!! (wow, within 10 syns!!!!)
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Hi dreamaholic, I've found your diary :D

Looks like you are doing really well so far, having a nice variety of food. I think the Mullerlights and fat free Activia yogurts are free? Just had a quick look on the SW website and they come up 0 syns. I find the website so handy for checking syns for things, even basic food stuff like the macaroons or the bagels etc. They have the password on display when you go to the meetings which changes every week. Would definitely recomend having a look. You can do food diaries and chart your weightloss too. (Sorry if you already know about it, lol.)

Well done, keep up the good work and I'm sure you will see a great loss this week. :D
Emily - thanks for sharing the tips!

I didn't know there's a password I can use to access website with syn values! maybe I should ask my consultant before my next meeting! I was flicking through the food optimising book trying to figure out roughly how much syns I had! It's actually quite hard work... like doing some serious homework!

I'm actually quite confused with the status of mullerlight / activia fat free yogurt - I remember reading somewhere mullerlight is free, but what I found out from the food optimising book is that, natural mullerlight is free, but favoured ones are 0.5 syn. oh well... I can live with 0.5 syns!

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