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Hello all - little update I was a tad naughty at weekend!


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Hello all how are we doing today?

Just literally finished my cranberry bar for lunch, anyone else think they taste a bit like fresh air spray sometimes?! :eek:

Anyway, had an ok weekend, have been picking at bits of chicken since Wednesday but nothing major, i guess you get to a point and ur body is shouting out for food! But have had some chicken so its ok i guess - well actually, on Fri and Sat I did 100% days and then on Sunday we went to Brighton and i decided to chose something to eat as we were out for the day, but to also see if i could go back on 100% (risky i know) afterwards as i have never been able to do it before, i have felt so much more focussed this time and its been 6 weeks tomorrow of SSing!

So anyway BF wanted to go to Nandos so i said ok then, i chose a chicken wrap WITHOUT CHIPS! and just a side of coleslaw which to be honest wasnt that nice and i left half of it - i monitored what my stomach was telling me and felt full up after 3/4 of the first half! Interesting - yeah actually, interesting that i ignored and though sod it this is my last meal in ages im going to eat it all! I felt ok. It was nice but nothing amazing, just nice to be able to have a nibble of something naughty! Felt a bit rubbish yesterday but i guess thats just my body getting over the food and getting back to normal - i am in my comfort place today (work) so i am not distracted, i feel ok!

Quite proud of myself really, just hope i can have the same focus when i start going up the steps.

Its photo time tonight too, so looking forward to see a further change will post them (if feeling brave still!) later.

2 week weigh in tomorrow, was 11, 12 last time hope i have lost at least 4lbs in that 2 weeks. Fingers crossed!!

Hows everyone else doing? x
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Good to hear of your commendable restraint in Nando's !
I have a weigh-in on Saturday, a fortnight after last weigh-in. I will update my details after that.
Hope you achieve desired loss.


Want to be a yummy mummy!
I lost 6lbs! So happy - more than half way there now! x


Silver Member
6lbs is ace!
great loss hun
Hiya unreal83

Your weight loss so far has made a big difference, well done! Good Luck with losing the last 20 pounds.
I am not brave enough to post swimsuit pictures, would be worried that I put you all off your next shake LOL!

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
LOL me too, have just uploaded the latest ones!


Still another 20lbs to go x
You put yourself down in the first three photos :( Look at what's good about you. I know it's hard but really, you do look great.

I used to hate my legs too but I've realised my shape is partially hereditary (good solid Dutch stock and we were born to breed). Sure I need to tone up a bit but hey ho.

Actually it's why I like going to the gym because I realise there's very few perfect bodies out there and all of us are different shapes. That is what makes us unique and special :)


Happiness in a shake!
wow, your pics are amazing, what a transformation, and you are very, very pretty too, well done on the weight loss so far x


is back on it...
Congratulations.. :)

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