HELLO all, NEW but a restarter!


Hello everyone,
I was a poster on the discovery health forum at the beginning of the year. After successfully finishing the cambridge in March/April I am back on it after putting on a stone..taking my weight from 9 stone 6lbs to 10 stone 6lbs..and don't I notice it!
At first I didn't think i had put that much on..it was only when I tried my size 10 jeans on that I needed a hanger to pull them up lol.
Well its my second week ..I lost 7lb last week..so all going well. Really really do not like the new bars (i think its the bits cause apart from that peanut is gorgeous!)
anyway here I am again. and I am going to promise myself that I will be thin again!
Thanks all
Hi Loulab
Well done you Hun for not leaving it past the 1 stone gain :D
Fab 7lbs in your 1st week before you know it you'll have a smile that looks like the coathanger that you used for your Jeans :eek:
JUST think what a fantastic SLIM Christmas you'll have :)
Welcome Louisa and well done on your initial weight loss. :D

You are in good company on here as everyone is so friendly and helpful. :) There are a few of us that are going back to lose another stone or two! :eek: Everyone tries to motivate everyone .... or kick up the arse depending on what we need!!!
thanks I can always rely on these boards..been reading this board lots and lots..thought it was time to post.
I have also changed cdc's as my MIL is now my cdc..and I am scared of her so I cannot cheat hehe what a good incentive!
Fantastic for losing 4 stone and only regaining one! I think the biggest battle of this diet is keeping the weight off once you have lost it. I reckon you will have lost that stone by next week!
hey girls im new on the cambridge diet today, im also a restarter, but need to be successfull!well done foe loosing so much weight before how did you do it?what motivated you and what got u through the tough times?