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Hello, all new to LC


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Hello, I'm very new the LC. I've struggled with calorie counting & exercise for years & found it extremely slow.
I've just read 'Big Fat Lies' by Hannah Sutton which explains the science behind LC, how some people are insulin resistant & some just produce far too much insulin. It was like a light bulb going on!!

My mum died from diabetes related kidney failure (although she wasn't over weight at all) & my both my husband's parents died of diabetic related problems so we both want to make sure we avoid it!!

I have ordered 'New Atkins, New You', but thought I would read as much as I could on the net & start straight away. I weighed on Monday at 12st 5.5lbs (I'm 5'2''), had 'the blowout' & started counting carbs on Tuesday. I have lost 7lbs! It's like a miracle to me, I have never lost weight like this before.

I was a complete carb addict, but my husband doesn't like pasta or rice & can live quite happily without potatoes or bread. He loves meat, cheese, eggs & fish & green veg so he is perfect for this diet.

I must admit, I have loved it too :D

This forum seems to be so full of friendly people, good ideas & support, I thought I would join you all.

Sorry to ramble, but it's like I've discovered a magic way of eating. No mood swings, no IBS & no cravings!!

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Loves this site!
Hi Sharon. Welcome. Ive been lc dor 2wks now and lost a stone. What do you eat? Im looking for other ideas. It can get a bit boring.


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Hi Cheryl, wow that's an amazing weightloss! Well done.

We have been eating all the usual: bacon, eggs, chicken, steak etc. I've been scanning packaging & the net for carb values for everything!
If I do something I want to give it 100 %, lol. We've been trying to think up recipes together. Tomorrow for lunch we have chicken breasts, stuffed with blue cheese & wrapped in bacon with fine green beans.(I can't wait!)

The one thing I have worked out from reading & looking at posts is you have to fully commit to this. If you are 'sort of' on it your body wont be in ketosis. (I'm sure so many on here know so much more than me) So I am weighing everything that isn't carb free & keeping a record throughout the day so we know we haven't exceeded 20g. Very anal I know, but after years of calorie counting it comes naturally, lol.

I realise I'm very lucky that my DH wants to do it & there is only the two of us.

What have you been doing to get such a good result so far?



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Thanks Linzi, I will. Because I haven't got the book yet I felt a bit of a fraud just doing it myself, lol.



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Thanks Ditzee, I've had a quick look, there seems to be LOADS of info on there.

I've even read a bit of your diaries. I can see this forum is going to be a great help to us.

Thanks again, Sharon


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Well week one over & 9lbs off! Yipee!! :) I would have struggled to lose that in a month on low calorie.

A very happy Sharon


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Thankyou Ditzee. We've been looking over on Atkins. I don't know where to look first at the moment, there's so much to read,lol.
Still, I'm not in a rush. I'm in this for the long haul!

Welcome Cinta, and congratulations on your success so far!

Low carbing is great. We may stray now and then but we can always return to the 'true path' ha ha.

Good luck!


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Congratulations on your first week Sharon! Welcome aswell ^^
congrats on your first week. I have just started low carb as well. Well i am a vegetarian so Im sure my results will vary. But we can keep track of each other as we are near the same start date!! Good luck!


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Hi Sharon

Welcome to the site, you will find that we are all here to help and motivate.

I have been low carbing for a few months now on the Go Lower diet and like you I was shocked at my weight loss.

I have just got back from a two week holiday where I didn't diet and I am very proud of myself that I have not gained anything at all.

I have started again on my diet today so I am hoping keotosis is quick as I know then it will all become so easy again.

Keep up the great work and let us know how you are doing.


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Hi Suzy, WOW your weightloss is amazing! Well done.
We go on a cruise in 4 weeks & we've both been trying to work out what we will eat, lol.
It's with Cunard & we've been with them quite a lot so know the type of food we can pick. We certainly won't be hungry, but the champagne might add up! Haha.

I'm not at all worried about getting back on it after, because I've never enjoy an 'eating plan' so much & no IBS.

All i all, a miracle :D

Keep up the good work.



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Hi Sharon

A cruise, sounds fantastic! Where are you going to?

I did have a little wobble Monday night but since then I have been sticking to the Go Lower diet really well and been very good.

All I will say is while you are away be sensible but enjoy it. Especially the Champagne!

I was eating toast and french bread and ice creams etc while I was away but I didn't go silly. If there was bread left in the basket at the end of the meal so what, I didn't have to eat it all just because it was there. Before going on to Go Lower I would nibble my way through the bread until there was none left!

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