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Hello all...


Going for Goal!
It's me :eek:

Well, guess who's been a naughty girl for the past week :sign0007:

Yep, last week (Weds) I caved in and ate. :tomato: But then took it that bit further...4 beers further.

The question is, (and I have been wondering about this for the past 4 days while still eating) WHERE ON EARTH HAS THIS "F**K IT" ATTITUDE COME FROM? :confused:

I have been ss'ing since April and it's gone very well. I have been hoping to be at goal (11 stone) but this past month/6 weeks I have ss'ed 100% for anything between 5 days to 2 weeks straight and then had these binges, that turn into 3 day binges. :party0051:

I don't know what on earth is happening to me. I have always found the diet fine, and still do, but this "attitude" I seem to have developed, just makes me think bugger it, i'll just have it. :whoopass:

I'm 14 stone 12lb currently - I should have been at 11 stone by Christmas :8855: who am I kidding...:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
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Oh Emma! Who can say why we sometimes say "f**k" it when normally we are all little angels??

I think it's probably a little bit of complacency, boredom, mixed in with a little bit of invincibility... but hopefully you've got it out of your system now... because you can easily get to your goal if you just behave yourself. You know you can.

I started getting really cocky with the plan, hence in October I've been absolutely rubbish with my weight loss. I've now moved to 1000 because I don't want to jeopodise it completely.

You need to get your head in gear good girl... take one day at a time...

Whenever I've binged... or even just snacked, i've discovered it makes me feel worse... just about a minute after i've eaten something i really shouldn't have... that awful realisation of how bloody stupid i've just been. I've stopped doing it now. It's not worth it.

C'mon lovely... chin up, I'll know you'll be fine.

oh hun l know how you feel lm the restart queen! have started cd loads of times but lm on my third week now and l seem to be in the zone l have a load of visitors coming next weekend for a suprise birthday party and l shall having a meal or two out so have to be very careful about food choices l want my weighloss to continue so lshall have to get back on ss wagon asap just try and remember the reasons we started the diet good luck hun you've done brillant so far
Emma honey, try and think of it another way, we are so strict with what we are doing, who is to say how long it will take us to get to goal *us* so... if we cheat, waver and dont do it now and again, its our bodies and our diet, so dont beat yourself up, I know I do and get really pis*ed off when I have cheated, but long term, we just move the goal post and carry on, we dont eat nothing like other people and are really strong for the times we stick to the diet.

You can do it, so dont kick yourself when you have a bad week, congratulate yourself for the good days and weeks.

Cheer up chick x
hi emma, well i started this diet in january aiming to be at goal (10.5 stone) by august i had plenty time to do it but what dya know i only got too 14.5 lol. ive stopped with the deadlines and goals cos ive realised they arnt helping me get motivated infact they are making me feel pressured and well when i feel like that i rebel and have the f**k it attitude i completely understand how you feel. i restarted 2 weeks ago and am doing great i no longer have a goal date the way i see it is as long as im losing little or huge amounts it doesnt matter how long it takes I Will Get There!!

i also allow myself to eat freely the 2 days a week im not working and this helps me stay on it the rest of the week cos i look forward to it and i dont feel guilty, i couldnt ss for weeks even months i know i couldnt.

youre allowed to have bad days as long as the good days outnumber the bad ones.

sorry if my thoughts are crap lol xx

take care emma


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Don't stress over it, you have had amazing losses so what is a little blip every now and again. I find that doing SS during the week and SS+ at the weekend helps me. I also allow myself sensible meals when I go out to social events.

Just out of interest what are you classifying as a binge, something like a bit of chicken and salad, or a full on takeway etc. Some people consider it bingeing when they have the equivalent of a SS+ meal. If it is a full on binge, yes it is time you got back onto the diet, perhaps doing a bit of SS+ until you are on track. Go shopping buy yourself an outfit for New Year that is two sizes to small, and then slim into it... I have my size 12 dress sitting in the wardrobe as I type. Every now and then I try it on to see if it is any loser (I am quite sad like that).

Hope you get back on track... I am sure you will.
Hi Emma,stop beating yourself up, you have done so well and are only human! I reckon if you pick yourself up and dust yourself down you could easily drop another stone by December.
I am no angel and infact have the odd day off plan (21st November is my next day off), I also intend to take a few days off at xmas- it is only coz I plan it that I feel less guilt and can get back on track.

However on previous diets once I fell off the wagon,I started a horrid cycle of binge/starve due to feelings of guilt and deprivation.

Maybe widen your goal posts and have the odd planned off plan day here and there?
Anyway hun, hope you feel better soon,you can pick yourself up,especially if you keep coming back on here for backup.
Good luck :jelous:


Going for Goal!
Just out of interest what are you classifying as a binge, something like a bit of chicken and salad, or a full on takeway etc.
My binge consisted of - (Weds)
1. salmon, asparagus and 2 boiled potatoes
2. Slice of Homemade cheesecake
3. Biscuits - I got excited when I found some rasberry BN's for sale, but resulted in eating the packet...:sigh:
4. Chicken roast, yes with roast potatoes, and gravy blah blah blah.
5. Crisps.
6. Cheese sandwich

And quite a bit more...probably...:rolleyes:

So in answer to your question.

YEP. I think most people would consider this a BINGE. Not the scale (at the moment anyway) I seemed to have STS since my last WI. :eek:


Going for Goal!
Thank you to everyone for your sweet replies :hug99:

It nice to know that I'm not the only one who has this attitude every now and then. But I intend to tackle it, head on! :party0049:

I'm certainly going to brush myself off and start my 2nd chapter to CD. :girlpower:

When I was writing the thread I was feeling really BLEUGH :jelous: You know how it is after a binge...guilty, bloated, yuck...

BUT this evening I plan on having a hot bath to drown my gremlins and I'm hopping back on board the CD train if you'll have me! I don't plan on jumping deck until Christmas Day. :D

I CAN DO THIS (just need help from my minimins friends time to time) ;)

Hugs x x x


please try again
Just out of interest what are you classifying as a binge, something like a bit of chicken and salad, or a full on takeway etc.
for me a chicken salad is having a nibble

my binge yesterday consisted of
chicken satays, mini sausages, raita, the inside of an egg custard, choc mousse, choc yogurts, choc bar

none of them remotly allowed on ss or even ss+

hey emma, hope your ok and enjoying being back in the swing of it, will be joining you back tomorrow
Hope your ok emma and have a good bath x
Hey Emma, we've all been there. I'm struggling a bit at the mo and it's my first week back in. I think the long dark nights make people feel more miserable and inclined to eat.

Sounds like you're feeling a bit more focused though. Sometimes it's hard to remember what made you so motivated in the first place. Perhaps it would help to write it down.

Keep going hun, you can do it x
Hi Emma

My binges when on Lighterlife were dreadful, way way much more than yourself and Summayah. I really don't know how I have kept to CD this time, its not always easy. I am a person that loves food.
But this time I keep trying to remind myself of why I started CD on the 3rd August 2009 - I hated the image of the fat woman that stared back at me in the mirror (when I could bear to look!). I had lost my confidence and my life was revolving around food.
It really is worth it to stick to CD - and you have had great losses so far.
I'm now hopping into the bath for 'motivation/relaxation' therapy, good luck with getting back 100% commitment x

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