hello all!!


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Hello to all!
I joined (hhmm when did I join!) lets just say a good while ago but now I'm back and this time with a difference-I'm motivated! Weight loss was always in my mind but as I was too busy being a mum to my darling little boy (lol that's no excuse,he's almost 1,but hey God loves a tryer!) and being a little scavenger eating all round me...I really had no time!! (bla bla bla my excuses are lame!!)
Anyway that's not the point I'm here now and that's what matters! Kinda on the stoooopid side when it comes to computers-it has just taken me half an hour to get a ticker thingy that i dont even know will come up with my comment as of yet! Could only put up one ticker so even though my weight loss is important,my little boy gets priority as always 'till i get my weightloss one up!! So please be patient with me! On week 2 of Lipotrim as of today and lost 8lbs on week 1 so Im happy out!!
Looking forward to chatting to you all!!
Good luck with all your individual diets-hell knows its not easy xxxxxxxx
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Mumma K

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Hello and Welcome What an absolute cutie your little man is wishing you lots of luck on your weight loss journey


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Hi :welcome2:

Good luck :D your little boy is just gorgeous!