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hello all

Hi everyone,

This is a question for my wife actually. She is upset and disheartened. I am giving her all the support I can but we are both at a lose to her weight gain.

My wife (Angie) walks around 6 to 8 miles most days I would say around 5 out of 7 days she walks that amount. Her diet is fairly good, she as cut out bread and potatoes and eats fruit ect. She also as a hard job and no matter what she does even with all the walking she can’t lose the pounds in fact now she is gaining weight.

Angie can’t understand it she as been well and I do believe she is not cheating, but with all the walking I know she does why she is not losing weight and gaining weight. Angie is 45.

We have been married 20 years and I love her so much, but I just don’t know what to do and to see her face every time she gets on the scales upsets me so much because I know how hard she is trying.

Can anyone help or advise

Thank you

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Hi Darryl, sorry to hear that you and Angie are going through this, it could be a number of reasons, perhaps the first thing to do would be for her to visit her doctor, and get her thyroid checked out? Google underactive thyroid, and see what it says, and if Angie has any of the symptoms listed.

Hope this helps x x


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What a lucky woman your wife is to have you supporting her.

Firstly have you tried a food diary? Suggest that Angie writes absolutely everything down that she eats for a week - this only works if you are 100% truthful though, forgetting to write the mars bar or chunk of cheese down isn't going to help.

Secondly look at things such as fluid in take, is she drinking enough, and on the subject of drinking look at alcohol intake if there is any. Look to increase to around 2-3 litres a day. Also another thing to consider is portion size, are they too big?

Finally if after a month or so things aren't going in the right direction then perhaps go and see the GP. It may well be that there is a hormone issue or something else which can be easily sorted.

Keep in touch and let us know how you get on.

take care

thank you

thank you for the ideas I will let my wife ( Angie ) no. although getting her to see a doctor might not be easy.
There is nothing serious likely to be wrong is there?
thanks again



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I doubt it, don't worry. I would start with the food diary and increasing the water intake first. If the diet is x calories exactly everyday, you can get caught in a plateau, maybe a couple of days may shock the system back into action? Is the exercising/walking a new thing? Muscle weighs more than fat so if muscle is replacing fat, she may notice clothes feeling looser rather than scales moving.
A lot of people will tell you, the scales very rarely play ball when you want them too. Weighing daily can really affect your mood for the day, so be carefull. She sounds like she is eating and moving and will definatly be improving health, she should be proud and pleased with her efforts and kick her scales!
Don't give in, try the easy at home solutions first, then at least if doc. does then need a visit, you have the food diary to prove it all.
I wish her all the best. Get her to say hi too, this site has hundreds of women in exactly the smae boat as you wife right now, me included!

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