Hello all.


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Hey all my darlings
IM back after a long time!
I have 6 stone to lose after a zumba injury.........damn that class nearly killed me
I bought books off ebay and i need loads of help!
Lost 5 stone last year and put six on = bad times

Hope some of my friends are still here and i hope to make new ones !!!

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11 views and no hello's ....come one guys and gals i need ya support lol x


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come on not come one *


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Welcome back RUTHY:hug99:

Sorry to hear that you injured yourself, I hope that you are okay now?

Good luck with WW I am sure you will have that weight off once again.

The 11 views might be from mostly guests not members as it is late at night.


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Welcome back, you've done it before & can do it again. That's given me a good enough excuse to avoid zumba at all cost. Lol x


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I injured ankle during Zumba- never going back although I really enjoyed the class :(

You will do it - I think that when people just get on with it no matter that it's nearly Christmas shows determination x


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welcome Hunni xx
Good luck i need all the help i can get as doing not very well xx


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Welcome! Don't worry, I got zero welcomes when I introduced myself here, so I come here & read & offer a post once in a while.

Sorry you hurt yourself @ zumba, but with ProPoints & exercise, I'm sure you'll get that weight off! I reached goal a few weeks ago, followed the program precisely & pointed everything, think it's an easy program to live with. Good luck!


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Hiya and welcome back. I've been here 18 weeks now and everyone is friendly enough so post away. Sorry to hear you injuried yourself at zumba, I've been going a few months now and have developed a bit of an addiction, I'd cry if I couldn't go anymore!!

Did you start a diary here, its a great way to get feed back and ask questions or chat.

I wish you all the success in the world. Good luck and as ChristieK says if you follow the plan its easy enough most of the time to stick to.

If you need anything ask away x


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Hello :welcome2:back :D I am pretty new to WW and just about to go for my 4th weigh in, but if you need any help, support etc...just ask. I think this part of minimins is full of such interesting stuff full of info, but a bit quieter then the other boards on here. So when is weigh in day and what did you do at Zumba? x


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Hi and welcome back. Shame about the injury but I am sure you will do really well with the plan.


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Hi ruthy, welcome back!! Wot a shame about ur zumba trauma after all ur hard work too. U have done it once, u can do it again!! I have been doing ww on and off for years. Started again about 6 weeks ago and had slow weight loss so far. Finding it hard at mo wiv christmas parties etc about to start. Don't know if u used this site last year but it is really helping me. Everyone is v friendly so if ur having a wobble just send a post. Xxx


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Damn computer was meant to finish the ^^^^ and it posted lol

Well thanks for all your messages it really does mean loads. I have always been a fan of SW but i have noticed I eat on that plan just because i can. I have done weight watchers before and had FANTASTIC results. Ive decided to join a class tonight......just to get me started.

Im a big poster in this forum when i get up and started. I hope to catch up with you all soon.

Ruthy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

P.S Zumba nearly killed me haaaaaaaaaaaa